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    id like to see the option to but peq 15 on side or top rail of ur weapon, and more selection for attachments
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    I want to propose something similar to a post I saw on Reddit.

    1. A greater ability to accessorize our weapons. The added silencers in the recent patch is a very good start, but I'd love to be able to create a Wilderness model instead of having a preset Wilderness model.

    2. The thing I want the ABSOLUTE most is a weapon proficiency system. Give us the ability to gain proficiency with a weapon, giving us minor increases to things like recoil control etc, ofcourse recoil etc would have to be increased with such a system. Maybe get rid of the Mark system for this.

    3. Weapon degradeation. I don't want my weapon to get destroyed to a point where I would need to find a new one, but I'd love for it to have degradation, where things like jamming could appear and other things. Requiring maintenance at the Bivouac.
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    Still waiting for that deployable, properly functioning bipod. And please, just remove all attachment restrictions. Let us put whatever we want on our weapons, regardless of weapon type.
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    Universal Unlock for all Sights and Scopes ; RAID LOOT Attachements and Skins Unlock
    Its nice to see thzat we are given the Acog sight for AR^s.

    Can u please give us all the options for all the Ar`s except the Scopes maybe...

    Would be neat to have:

    Holo/ Reddots sights for Marksman Rifles aswell! (At least in PVE) Why the Limitations are set for PVP aswell i can understand, but for PVE its bad.
    SIG 556 is a AR and i would like to have a DOt with Magnifier on it!

    Where is the Aimpoint with Magnifier, ah i know, its a Raid Item and Limited to a UMP Sub Machine Gun... WHAAT..

    Not everysone enjoys Raids oir is able to Play it. I have really Bad Internet and its near impossible to find a Raid Party sometimes.
    Add a Fast Travel to Golem Island so we can go there alone and "RAID" the Surroundings. Also Able to Advance ionto the next sector!

    I really would like to get all the Skins and Attachments for this Game... But i cant...
    I want my Aimpoint i really love in Wildlands, and no not just for the UMP MP. For my AR^s aswell and for my Marksman Rifles PLEASE!

    You did it with ACOG, now please do it with all the Sights again and everyone is happy. U casn Limit PVP i dont care, but for PVE please unlock all of the Scopes and Reddots!

    Also the Attachements/ SKins/ Weapons u can get from Raids, there are nice but you cant unlock them without playing Raids... It sucks. With that said, i wish thre was a waya to unlock them otherwise. Like playing the Main Missions again.
    You can make it like you set them to Advanced or Extreme Difficulty. You play the Game again with all the Unlocks you have (Weapons/ Attachements/ Skills/ Classes/ Intel), kinda like a NG+ but not really.
    This way u can unlock all the Skins and Weapons-/ Attachemtns etc!

    Flashlight Laser Combo
    A new Attachement Slot for Flashlights, so u can Keep the Laser sight.
    Make it like the Laser, its not visible for Enemies but it can blind them (stagger) and make them less Accurate in Close Range. The Flashlights goes on Automatically when u ADS.

    Universal Laser Unlock for all Guns but Snipers, except Marksman.
    Why, because most Marksmen are AR`s so it would make sense.
    Green Laser has not only the best stats, but on PS4 it has much better visibility than Red Laser. So i would like to have it on Machinguns aswell and not only on Some, but on all!


    MK 18
    FAMAS, i was surprised its not in the Game... As a Company with French Roots ^^
    SIG 556 AR`Version. (Swiss Buttstock) you have all the Componets already. Just use the Rail from SIg 556 Marksman and use the Buttsock from SIG 553 and there you go!

    Mini Gatling Gun XM 556
    It comes with a Backpack for Ammo ( but please not too big iun size so we can still see something! XD
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    Good day,

    New pistols SC IS HDG and MAXIM 9 ECHELON looks awesome, can you add sound without silencer it will make better pleasure from fire and automatic fire mode.

    Thank you.
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    • Taclight:
    Been asking a lot of people about this from various background on shooter community from retired SOF, to active duty LEO.
    Asked a few SEALS (Bone, Shawn Ryan "from vigilance Elite", Jason "From tactical rifleman ")
    Couple of ODA ( Karl "Also from tactical rifleman" and a personal contact that I can't share his name because he is active duty)
    From the LEO world (Milspec Mojo, and Mike "Knockoutlights")
    From the training community I asked (Esoteric LLC, Kagwerks, Garandthumb "Which is also a TACP").

    There seem to be a consensus light can be a force multiplier, but should be used only under certain conditions.
    If you are going on a raid in the night and circumstances don't make you go loud, you shouldn't use lights, since you can use NODS.
    Although light can blind someone, you can be subject to spray and pray in the direction of the light.
    It could gain you an extra couple of seconds before the reaction of the target, but in this case is more risk than rewards. (Bone explained me this part really well, something I haven't experienced during force on force training, since when the strong light was immediately pointed to our faces, we would instinctively close the eyes and be shot before we could react, but in a combat situation where more threat could be hidden is not worth it).

    However in situations where you can't use nods, be it because it's day and you are forced to operate in this time of the day, and need to enter a building where the lights are dim, for you on the outside, the inside is darker, for them on the inside, they could clearly see you and your team breaching (the above wouldn't take place, since if they want to shoot anything they see, they'll do it, lights or no lights)
    So using lights is a good tool to two things: Target identification, stunning (remember that extra 1 second?) But it would only work with extreme violence of action, once you need to move fast, aim fast, turn the light on at the same time you are shouldering your rifle, and turning it off by the time you either finished shooting or as soon as you acquired sight picture (For a really experienced shooter this whole ordeal would take 2 seconds " from seeing and aiming")
    The pain from having such a strong light on their eyes would not render the threat out of the fight, since after the initial pain they would full auto your direction so you would have to act really fast.
    Laser light combo for rifle (You could select either the Mawl-da or the Peq 15)
    How would it work.
    Distance it affects it target: Up to 20 feet.
    Stun duration: 2 seconds
    Can illuminate targets up to 20 meters (but wouldn't stun them)
    Down side you are instantly detected if you use the light and someone sees you in the night, so you better not use it on the outdoor if you don't know where the enemies are.
    How would you activate it?
    When you are not aiming you press left (had made a mistake and fixed it now) on the D pad so the light is now activated and will automatically turn on when you ADS.
    So when you are outdoor you can turn it off so when you ADS you are not an attractive target for anyone near you.
    Or if you are indoors but you are on a location where nothing interferes with your nods, you dont need it so you can turn the function off.

    There are so many locations on Breakpoint where Nods make no difference or they actually blind you.
    Many bases where the lights are really strong so if you are using NODS you can't see, but if you are not using them there are certain dark spots that you wont be able to see, now you are on a bad situation, turn the nods you cant see if someone walking close to the lights is coming in your direction, dont use it and you cant see the things around this area.
    Pistols would get flashlights too.
    Quoting Karl in the video I used to ask the question:
    He says "All of our assault forces have on the pistol, even tho that is our secondary, they have light on them" referencing his time us the US Special Forces
    • FOV is too restrictive and too close to guns on ADS 1st person.
    I cant see what I'd normally be able to see if I walked in to a room.
    The game has a big blind spot, we should get an FOV slider, so we can see better in CQB.
    Thank you
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    Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssss
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    If you play on new immersive mod with GL of, the selected guns for each class are the same, i mean if you set one class the same guns Will be on all other classes. Thats a pain in the ***. It would be nice when set the guns that want for that class, that they stay on that class like its in regular mode
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    My mistake realized that I said the wrong side of the D-pad.
    The right D-pad is night vision, meant the left side, now without aiming the left D-pad is putting and removing the silencer, which could be removed, since you just need to quickly aim and release the aim after pressing left D-pad to remove the silencer, so the left could be used to arm or disarm the flashlight, so when you'd ADS the flashlight would be turned on or not, will fix on my original post.

    Adding to this:

    •Please fix weapons capacity.
    7,62 DMR's to 20 rounds.
    Scar H to 20 rounds.
    P45T to 15 rounds.
    P320 to 17 rounds.
    (Dont remember if there is any other)
    • Allow us to use any accessory in all guns (they are all picatiny rail accessories so everything should be useable in any picatiny gun.
    • Functional bipods.
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    This update was a HUUUUUUUGE step in the right direction. I don't suppose we could possibly get the options to customize weapons behaviour settings on top of the immersive settings recently implimented?

    I know it would go against the core feel of Breakpoint, but i think it would be cool for some to enjoy an even more arcade-ish type of play while not having to worry about the pains of heavy recoil or damage drop offs etc.

    Not to the point of making players god-like and taking them completely out of the immersion of it all, but just allowing even more freedom in how we want to enjoy the game.

    Also, i think ALL weapon attachments (except for bipods and sniper scopes) should be aloud to be applied universally and not restricted to certain weapons/weapon classes, like being able to put the RVG Vertical Foregrip for an 516. It's been shown numerous times in trailers to be equipped (with the short barrel especially) with it, so why not in the final product?

    Lastly, the vertical foregrip for the M4 (which also should be a universal attachment) shouldn't of been looked behind the raids in the first place. Not everyone plays the raids, has trouble figuring out the metas and just don't to be spending their whole day grinding with a 50/50 chance to obtain it. It should of been made to be looted through the regular game world like the rest of the attachments.

    *Side nitpick*

    Hand placements on most of the weapons (especially with the 516 w/short barrel) look out of place and wrong, and it would be nice to have the clipping through laser attachments fixed by moving the hand down or something to that effect.
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