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    Any News on the Beta??

    Online articles saying the Beta was for the end of 2019, being that it is December do we have any information on it? Has it been pushed back for a while? I have searched online and can find nothing on it. Have bee looking forward to it for a while.
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    That would be really interesting for me as well!! Haven´t found something on the internet.
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    Let's hope for a playable beta the 31/12/2019 at 11:59
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    [QUOTELet's hope for a playable beta the 31/12/2019 at 11:59 ][/QUOTE]

    Well, that didn't happen. And yet no word from the dev's Same as Skull and Bones. Peeps are starting to lose interest while waiting forever without any communication from Ubi or the dev's themselves.
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    3 months in 2020 and still nothing
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    Again as stated in another thread Beta could have happened and it was closed beta with invites we just do not know since the Alpha's and Beta's i have been involved with have been mostly NDA ones, and i would suspect this game would be the same that being said i would not mind some actual information as to them saying we are sending out Beta invites around some event that is planned E3 or something to sort of hint at progress happening, but due to this deal with Covid-19 we are more than lightly not getting any new information before June or July,
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