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    Originally Posted by overkiller999 Go to original post
    Well that image didn't make it. The LAUNCHER attempts to check for updates but it cannot resolve a connection to UBISOFT. The error message is displayed in an orange banner across the launcher window with this text,
    A Ubisoft service is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later.

    and there is a large black button that has "OK" on it positioned on the right hand side of the orange banner.
    I hope this description helps you to identify what the problem is as the picture of it I attached to my previous message was translated into text.
    As I wrote in my previous post, this is not an OS compatibility problem nor is it an administrative mode (or lack of it) problem. I tried both of them individually and simultaneously, wasting my time in the process. Please provide us with helpful corrections, such as how to remove or disable the network check for game updates since the Ubisoft side of the connection is failing.

    My game problem was resolved by installing new version of Uplay from Ubisoft. Note that I have a STEAM version of the game, downloaded 7 Oct, 2020. YMMV LLAP Ciao
    A ha! I'm glad this fixed it; sometimes older games come packaged with an older version of Uplay. Hopefully this helps someone else with the same issue!
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    can not open and run Silent Hunter 5

    after i bought the game and made my ubisoft account and lanched the game it only plays the intro in a smaller window and there are no sounds. Once the intro finishes it just closes it self everytime. thank you in advance for your reply (im using windows 10)
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    What a total waste of time and money. ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS PLAY THIS GAME ON STEAM. Not make an Ubisoft account and download your s-tier player only for the privilege of sitting through an inescapable 3 minute preview w/ no sound. I honestly don't care if there is a magic fix out there at this point, I just want a refund.
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    Hi GentIemanJim,

    We're sorry to hear that's the case.

    If the game was purchased through Steam, you would need to request a refund through their Refund System.
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