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    Many Assed Cat Fight Freezes

    No matter how many times i restart from checkpoint in the Many Assed Cat Fight in Maphestos Lab, the game won't let me attack with my characters after the cat's have their turn. The music continues and the characters are animated as if you were just AFK. Yet no options to choose an attack are present. So right now i have no way of continuing my game.
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    Hi Monnark,

    Thank you for reporting this to us, we're sorry to hear that's the case.

    The first thing we'd advise, if you haven't already, is verifying the game files. This will check for missing or corrupt files and replace them, you can do this through the steps in the guide here.
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    I have the exact same issue as Monnark. When the fight starts, the cats attack, then it's my turn but i cant move or do anything. The audio still plays and the animation is still going, but It acts as if the game doesn't know it's my turn. Prior to getting to this point in the game, i've noticed that the game would take a few seconds between turns every now and again but eventually I or the computer would get the next turn. But in the cat fight, that's not the case. I've tried verifying the files and it says all are good.
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