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    Advice on new features for rayman adventures

    Hi,I write some new features that could be enhance the gaming experience...if you have some advice for new features that you would see in the game write your ideas

    1) chase levels,like in rayman fiesta run when you escape from piranha. Or levels in wich you chase an egg like the first level of the game
    2)new ways to use incrediballs for example minigames like a type of Kung Foot in wich you have to goal with incrediballs and you earn gems based on how much goal you do
    3)levels in wich you can use Murphy to create a way to free the egg,like the game "where is my water"

    I know that is a free to play game and so it can't have lots of different features that needs much time and money to be created but maybe some of these can be implemented
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    And maybe give us the music levels from legends with some new ones.
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