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    I did not play for a long time, now the game is unplayable for me


    i quit playing a while ago. I was in "silver"/Arena 8... whatever you want to call it.

    Now that i returned i am legit happy if i can take one "Phone" of the opponents bar, usually i only win if my opponent dos not play (presumably to drop ranks?) and just lets me win.

    I stoped loosing my player rank around 3600. Nearly everyone is way way strong than me. I learned this is a security stop, to keep people from dropping very low. But now i sit here getting smacked around by people with many level 5 cards while i have one.

    If support read this, please consider dropping me into a Elo that i actualy can have fair matches in, collect points for the Season Pass and my Team without being annoyed while playing.

    Here is my list of cards to give you an idea of my situation. People at reddit told me that there is nothing i could compete at this rank in there and i just should start a new account. But thats not cool for me as i actually spend some money on this account back in the day.

    Level 5

    Alien Clyde - Not upgradable 38/1000

    Level 4

    Astronaut Butters 47/250
    Poison 16/250
    Marine Craig 70/250
    Rat Swarm 96/250
    Terrance Mephesto 1/200
    Calamity Heidi 35/250
    Bandita Sally 39/250

    Level 3

    Freeze Ray 40/50
    Hyperdrive 10/40
    Mind Control 14/40
    Paladin Butters 43/50
    Underpants Gnomes 36/40
    Stan The Great 55/50 (Upgradable)
    Nelly 11/40
    Mimsy 58/50 (Upgradable)
    Hookhand Clyde 4/25
    Lightning Bolt 8/40
    Fireball 33/40
    Power Bind 27/50
    Purify 43/50
    Angle Wendy 46/50
    Regeneration 4/40
    Zen Cartman 22/40
    Hallelujah 21/40
    Unholy Combustion 9/40

    Level 2

    Smuggler Ike - 113 Cards
    Captain Wendy - 15 Cards
    Deckhand Butters - 57 Cards
    Gunslinger Kyle - 88 Cards
    Pirat Ship Timmy - 20 Cards
    Shaman Token - 65 Cards
    Barrel Dougie - 14 Carts
    Buccaneer Bebe - 8 Cards
    Outlaw Tweed - 58 Cards
    Medecine Woman Sharon - 11 Cards
    Sheriff Cartman - 48 Cards
    Enforcer Jimmy - 21 Cards
    Space Warrior Token - 17 Cards
    Ice Sniper Wendy - 13 Cards
    Robo Bebe - 24 Cards
    Warboy Tweek - 17 Cards
    Cyborg Kenny - 9 Cards
    Nathan - 43 Cards
    Pinon Gang - 64 Cards
    Starvin Marvin - 54 Cards
    Terrance and Philip - 18 Cards
    Friar Jimmy - 36 Cards
    Hercules Clyde - 21 Cards
    Poseidon Stan - 51 Cards
    Energy Staff - 17 Cards
    Prophet Dougie - 20 Cards
    Catapult Timmy - 17 Cards
    Dwarf King Clyde - 13 Cards
    Not upgradable Level 2
    Storyteller Jimmy - 2 Cards
    Swordman Garrison - 5 Cards
    Program Stan - 0 Cards
    Gizmo Ike - 1 Card
    Dogpo - 3 Cards
    Marcus - 3 Cards
    Rough Token - 1 Card
    The Amzing Randy - 1 Card
    Witch Garrison - 0 Cards
    **** Magic - 2 Cards
    Tupperware - 8 Cards

    Level 1 Legendarys (all only one card)
    Grand Wizard Cartman
    Medusa Bebe
    Stan of Many Moons
    Sixth Element Randy

    Theres also cards like
    Dark Mage Craig - 43 Cards, 4 needed.
    Blood Elf Bebe - 50 Cards, 5 five needed.
    were upgrades would be possible with a lot of gold and items.
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    Hey there!

    I've actually been in the same position as you are now about an half year ago. I was silver when I played the game for like a few months by the introduction of the game in 2017, then came back again and found myself to be powned right into bronze rank. After observing some battles when getting my *** whooped I played some common variations I came across PVP in my own deck I've been building before quitting the game and kept pushing through. Now I'm playing in the 7000 ranks with only lvl 2 legends and no lvl 6 card, so I guess you should try to do some trial&errors and just enjoy the game along the way. Be sure to be aware of what's the current meta and adapt to become a strong player.

    Cheers mate!
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    Judging from your list, your strongest cards look to be Adventure and Sci-Fi. HHC is your only level 3 epic, Cyborg can be upgraded to 3 with the number of cards you have. Of the rest, Swordsman is the closest to 3rd, with 5/6 cards.

    Your highest rare, at 4th, is Terrance Mephesto, and your highest common, Alien Clyde, is 5th.

    These would be the best cards to look at in designing a deck. Even if you don't use all of them, incorporating at least a couple of them into your deck will definitely increase your chances. 2 blue, 2 orange, and 1 grey among your top cards, level-wise.
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    Sorry Birdman but it is not the players responsibility to become mister slave if the game design is just bad. I am constantly facing players that have 600-700 HP on me and the hundreds of card upgrades that come with that. That just sucks. Playing this weekend felt like a part time job loosing 99% of the games, mostly scoring points if my opponent never took part in the match and i have people on reddit just telling me to delete my data and start a new account. Thats not cool, there are no excuses or "work through it" attitude suggestions making "UNFUN" a valid unpaid option in my free time.

    I tried. This needs an official response and a fix, be it for everyone or in my account. Else i am gone.
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    Thank you for your effort Curla! At this point i can't upgrade the Cyborg Kenny (7/15 upgrades) because i lack items and Swordsman Garrison (upgrade 7/15, massively laking items) actually needs 8 and not six cards. Obviously also a ton of Gold is missing. The Alien Clyde is actually only on level 46/55 but asides the item cost it also costs 475 gold for a single level. I probably sunk way to much into him back in the day when i see him rank fairly low in a tier list now.
    Btw. i have not even beaten the final boss wizard cartoon (only level missing), so i hop around, Super Hero Cards seem op, some upgrades here, someone tells me how to beat cartoon, cards don't work out, some updates there... and so everything probably falls a lot flatter.

    And i just lost like 48 our of 50 PVP matches because Call Girl requires me to kill pirates in PVP but in these 50 games i got the amazing amount of two players using them. Who comes up with this?
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    Ists actually probably a lot more than 50 games, it's been almost three hours of playtime while watching a movie on the side. It's pretty unbearable.
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    Well their crapy elo system is affecting more than just you so don't expect any changes to make things easier for you. You have 2 options:

    1. Stop playing PvP matches for now. Open only free packs. Request cards from your team. Play only PvE and Team Wars. Since you put money into the game why not put some more money into it to make things go faster. Eventually you will be able to compete in PvPs again somewhere down the road

    2. Open a new account and start having fun again!

    Option 1 is long, annoying, frustrating, and may not get you anywhere even after you do all of that. Consider that your learning experience. Option 2 is easy and will be fun. Go have fun!
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    Option 3
    Uninstall again and forget about it like before.

    There is absolutely no way i will put ANY money in a game that treads me like this. "Well, you can overcome game design that is horrible even for a pay 2 win game by paying some cash." NopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNope

    Someone do some math on how many free packs i need to open just to have the Gold to upgrade one Card to level 4 or 5. Let alone 12. PVP packs are a vital part of the games economy. It's a ra touting it's own tail. Just someone from suport go in my profile, change the number so it puts me in a space were i actually can have normal fun games and be don with it.
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    I just spend 75 and i have not gotten A SINGLE of the five points needed for PVP Pack.

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    75 Minutes that is.

    I am don, uninstalled.
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