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    For Honor Year 4: The Year Of Reckoning

    Hey Warriors,

    We know that you have been waiting patiently to know what’s going on for next year in For Honor. We are excited to announce, today, what we have planned for Year 4: The Year of Reckoning.

    From launch three years ago to For Honor today, we are incredibilisly proud in the progress the game has made, none of which would have been possible without the unique relationship that we’ve built together with you, our players.

    Year 4 is about learning and building upon what we have experienced together in these past 3 years. Let’s keep the party going!

    We’ll be able to share more details in January 2020 but here is an overview of what’s in store.

    Year 4 – The Year of Reckoning
    The Year of Reckoning is a turning point in For Honor’s history. The great war that has been raging over the past years takes an unexpected turn. The earth has quietened down, but new leaders arise and warriors across all factions need to decide what they are really fighting for.

    Four Unique Seasons and Two New Heroes Joining the Fight
    Like Year 3, Year 4 will have four new Seasons, each with its own theme, rewards, and activities.

    Two new faces will arise during the Year of Reckoning. One Hero will be released during Year 4, Season 2, and the other during Year 4, Season 4. Their arrival will coincide with the storyline, as well as the events of the Year and its seasons. We can’t wait to find out which side you choose!

    You will be able to purchase them upon release or unlock the new Heroes with steel as usual.

    Seasonal Progression Update: Battle Pass in, Year Pass out
    Starting with Year 4, Season 1, we will be introducing a new reward system with the For Honor Battle Pass.

    In the past, rewards relied solely upon random drops after matches and scavenger crates, which gave little visibility on the items you were able to unlock.

    Now you will have clear objectives throughout the 100 tiers within the Battle Pass where you will be able to unlock items through gameplay. The battle pass will be limited to character customization items and consumables meaning that you do not need to purchase it to have access to the two new heroes coming during the year.

    The For Honor Battle Pass will consist on a Free pass and a Premium pass, with a shared progression across the different tiers and resetting with each new Season.

    Everyone will have access to the Free pass and its rewards. In the Free pass, you can unlock items such as ornaments, steel, color swatches, champion status, embossings, and more.

    Owners of the Premium passes will have access to unique customization rewards such as new signatures, new weapons, new executions, new effects, and more.

    Both free and premium passes will have rewards for all heroes.

    It was also important for us to make the Premium pass an addition to, and not a substitute for, the existing means of getting content in the game. Thus, we will be keeping original options for players with new content of the week, sales, and scavenger crates /drops at the end of the matches to get customizations items.

    We will have more details to share on the Y4S1 Battle Pass and the season itself in January 2020.

    Fight - Core Experience
    With 26 heroes in the current roster and two new faces joining the fight in Year 4, balancing remains a top priority for us. This includes hero balancing, of course, but also game mode balancing.

    A major step toward strengthening our process of balancing has been the introduction of Testing Grounds.

    For Year 4, you can expect this tool to have a big role in how the dev team continues to bring changes to the game. The focus of the year remains on increasing character viability, allowing for a wider range in team composition at a higher level of play, and continue to improve offense to enhance the core gameplay of For Honor on a more general level.

    The competitive nature of For Honor has been part of the experience since the get-go. One of the main reasons why the competitive scene has continued to grow over the years is thanks to you guys who have supported it at a grass roots level. Year 3 was the first step in better supporting the tournament/competitive scene of For Honor, with more visibility on community tournaments, in-game prizing, but most importantly the introduction of the spectator mode.

    The competitive scene is extremely important to us as it is to you. It helps us grow the community and is ultimately a compass in shaping the experience of the game. It is a pillar which we intend to expand on in Year 4 with a new all-access competitive program set to launch.

    More details will be shared soon.

    More to Come
    We will expand on all of these elements in January as we get closer to launch of the Year of Reckoning, we are really excited for what this year has to offer!

    Lastly, we want to thank you for all the creativity that you guys have shown us over the past 3 years. Whether it be cosplays, fan-fiction, memes, videos, and fan art; we felt inspired for Year 4.

    That is why we will be working with renowned artists for each season’s iconic image, starting with the Year 4 image below, made by the American illustrator AJ Frena. Representing the Year of Reckoning, we are proud to be able to share her piece of art with you all today and cannot wait to share more details later in January for what’s to come in For Honor.

    Oh! And one last thing… new armors are coming this year.

    Happy Holidays Warriors,

    For Honor Dev Team
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    What exactly is a "Battle Pass" I only play this one Ubisoft game and I know about the season pass (I had it 90% of my playtime or so).
    When will we get a more in depth explaination?
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    Guys, honestly, thank you so-so much for this!
    Over the year, I was at some points really concerned that Y3 would practically be the end. But while getting closer to Y3S4 I started to gain hope again - Centurion rework was/is still unreleased, some hints (if you want to call them that) were dropped on the streams... it just started to add up.
    And here it is. The confirmation. Almost feels unreal. Christmas really came early this year.
    I love For Honor - the game, the Devs, the community as a whole. I don't really show this very often, I don't have any videos, art or guides or anything like that and I rarely comment on any posts. But I have a friend I introduced to the game, and we both sort of "keep eachother on the hook" if you want to put it that way. I know he'll be just as excited as I am right now once he gets the news.

    Thanks again. Each and everyone of you. I mean it.

    Have a nice day everyone

    p.s.: the hero the hand is holding up in the (pretty awesome!) picture - I don't know. Looks like pelt on his/her shoulder, a hood... The sword seems not long enough to be one of a Black Prior and the Shield looks more like a Conquerors... Might be wrong of course. But... dunno. A teaser maybe..? Or broken eyes. Broken with tears joy! Ok, now I'm going all overboard. Time to stop. Have a good one.
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    I am not a big fan of adding a Battle Pass to For Honor, but if you look it from a diffrent frame you (for honor players) will get what you asked for. New gear, new everything, we can only hope that you don't need to put 6+ hours daily to reach tier 100. That's my opinion, share yours.
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    Ok I love for Honor and I love Ubisoft but can you guys please be the one company that doesn't jump on the bandwagon battle pass train. Because From what I have seen adding battle passes doesn't make your game more popular if anything it kills it
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    Battle passes makes sense, a company needs income, and if you look at the current items to buy the options are limited - games shut down when it is no longer profitable, simple as that

    Also to sell battle these passes, they need to add content to it, so win/win right there

    And most likely the "core" game will go F2P as most other games with passes are, which will bring in more players/activity - (this is just my own prediction/hope)

    The cost however? Hope its not insane, the rand to dollar sucks @zz ..
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    Battle pass no thanks i like current system as dont need to spend real cash and i can play when i choose battle pass premium i wont buy and i dont wanna be forced to nonstop play for just one item, if this happens refund me. 3yearrs were good yearr 4 call the herse
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    U haven't been able to play since the update..every time I try and login if Says "critical error" "can't connect to ubisoft servers" why is this and when will it be fixed? I haven't been able to play in over a week and I know other ppl are playing just fine
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    This's a great experience
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    They spoke about it more on the livestream, but it basically works like this:

    The battlepass is a system of levels. As you complete actions, like finishing a game or completing orders, your experience points will level up both the free and premium pass. At certain levels, you will unlock specific items, like a new emote at level 4. You will only have access to the premium items if you pay for the premium battlepass. Generally, the premium pass will have more and better rewards per level.

    They said they would talk more about the battlepass next week, when Year 4 starts.
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    what rep or level will the armors be availble at im really looking forward to wardens armor pluussss i did loose my account and all my gear from Y1 , 1 , 3 etc ive been here since the start but yeah i cant wait for the armors but ive had to go back to rep 2 again
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    In my opinion, it takes to long to level up with the battle pass. The best ways to level up are 1) do the daily orders/bounties for 2 days & you will level up once. Or 2) do the daily orders/bounties & at least 2-3 breach matches as attackers & you will level up once.

    The stuff you can earn from the pass is awesome, but the higher tier stuff will take some serious grinding. Unless you play everyday for a significant amount of time, I doubt anyone will reach the final rank by the time the season is over. I only play the game every 2-3 days & I go until I either run out of orders/bounties, or until I get bored of doing breach.

    You can “cheat” your way through the battle pass by buying your way through it. But with how slowly it takes to level with pass, buying ranks might be the best (& quickest) option. However, to buy 20 ranks for example, will cost 25000 steel, which is worth $20. They pretty much WANT you to buy the ranks so you can make in-game purchases. So that’s a nice little money making scam the game has going.
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    Do something with game connection and ping. Many players (me too) cant play game beacuse of that. fix this then add some content for real(really?) cash.
    But seriously fix this. game is dying thanks to U UBI <3
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    hi all. where to begin? this is total fail. insted balanc character (jogurnaout !!!!!!! ) total mess up breakthrough? where are lives of attack group? only attack ram? common that is so sh.t..... and when you finally go trought… from what are attacker lives count? total dissapointment!!!!!!!!!
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    and new skin of minions? what is that?? give that sh.t away thats only discrace of this game... !!!!
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    W t f

    wtf minioms in this game **** ……….. i dont play now bye bye for honor
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    go ****, well when you get back to normal we'll play again, you're going to lose a lot of pasta xq I'm not the only one who's going to stop playing, it's the day that fewer players are in for honnor that you enjoy the huge **** you've done
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    thank you ubisoft, for the day when I won't play for honor.
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    for honor

    its april 2 and yall dint update the game yet about year 4 please let us know when its coming
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    I lost the masks and the execution of the Assassins Creed event !! You might as well have a promotion so you can buy effects from past events!
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    Improvements and complaints

    FOR HONOR Improvements and complaints
    I hereby greet all For Honor lovers, I have some requests and ideas for the game. I think it would be a lot better if all characters added damage equally quickly and evenly, even within range, it's not balanced enough. Each character has its own peculiarities and skills, which is good, but it should be compensated better. It makes no sense that lawbringer felt more reach than Jiang Jun, and when players complain, characters deteriorate or are not made playable against other characters in any way. What do you think of a Battle Royale mode instead of a storm? Champion status should be part of the Battlepass. Executions should be able to be carried out together with his teammates. factions and skills weapon upgrades and the war map should make a lot more sense. It should be possible to build clans for reasons. Weapons should only be improved with the weapon currency and the appearance changed, not with steel. it should be possible to better individualize the character, the shoes and pants and the face. New combat simulations for all characters. Ranking games should actually also be ranking games. It happens that people with gold rank, for example, fight against player that even have no rank. The shop should change every 24 hours. And we want to talk with the oppnements or with the lobby in the fight too !

    My English is really bad sorry
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    Ich will ZoCenn!!! varum darf ich nicht meer Zockn!????
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    Ich volte sagen Schpielen!!!!
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    Please get on it

    Please start developing more content now I have been playing since launch and I really don't want this game to die it means alot to me that this game lives. You should add horses as a perk like in the campaign and had more content like breach. You should also advertise that players in Rainbow try the game all my friends who loved rainbow when I showed them for honor they loved it the same. You should also add a another part to breach that allows you to use the launching bridges and repel up the 2nd gate and defenders can throw crap that deals damage to you while you repel up and the attackers are given the ablility to dodge it.
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    Are there gone be any fixes in the future About kicking Players with a constand Latenzy of 50 and higher. Because you are getting punished for having a good latenzy. And also why is Shinobi not getting reworked? Because he is a Assasin and has a 500 MS light i think but Hitokiri is a Heavy Hero and also has a 500 MS light. My opinion is that Shinobi is one of the badest Heros in the Moment because everyone has more HP more Damage and is faster. Even when you double dodge back your enemy just slides 3 meter after you and Guard breaks you. Mabey that has to be fixed.
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    Play Free plezz
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    Yeah he is the worst hero in the game but your Damage point isnt true. I mean he has 24 dmg lights. 40 dmg neutral heavies, thats quite good damage. but who plays shinobi anyways, boring gameplay hooking players in ganks and thats it.
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    Bring Back The RADIENCE effect pleaseee

    as a new player I'd love to be able to get all the old effects I never got a chance to get. And effect event or something this year would be super helpful
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    Battle Pass BS

    I believe it is very safe to say that people are not a fan of this battle pass system. i especially am not as someone with next to no income and no way to buy premium and thus are forced into missing out on the new cosmetics. the fact that you have taken to a ridiculous stage of levels is also not good because no one has the time to get 100 levels for a battle pass that gets harder to level the high you go when it already takes 10+ games to level from level 5 to 6 in the pass. and there are NO rewards for people in the free pass. the only thing we get is steel, salvage, and ******g borders there is nothing appealing about this system. it is designed to say"OH LOOK AT ME I HAVE MONEY TO SPEND WHEN EVERYONE IS ******G BROKE" because there is no way to get the cosmetics for this pass if you don't have money, and right now no one who isn't an essential worker has money. this is just a way for ubisoft to grab at more people's money while saying" oh I'm sorry you like being able to get cool stuff? oh well go die in a hole"
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    Love this game still. They should make team executions where 2 or more players get to execute the one opponent. Aramusha needs a shove or a bash. The dude is useless against characters that shove or bash.
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    Hey guys there, i saw centurions update and i think is not so good . the advantage of the centurion was his quick right click and the very good parry . making him slower loses the advantage of the attack after the parry which was great and with good reflexes you won everyone . the good of this is that you can pause the general attack that you coudn't before . change the speed of the heavy attack again and everything will be great !
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    Congratulations and condolences.

    For all of you out there wondering where did the ping go and where am I. Yo are the lucky ones, congrats for continuing to progress ever onwards. For those of you that are here hoping to beat the negative comment bots with your own posts in sheer mass, I am with you. I have never seen such deluded horse crock in my life. The amount of time I spend in game is now shorter than the time i spend trying to connect to the Ubisoft servers, disconnecting from Ubisoft servers and time spent in trying to GET OUT OF THE MENU SCREEN.
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    Ma tutti quelli che usano hitokiri o il shugoku che problemi mentali hanno??
    Facile giocare con personaggi con bug e immortali praticamente!
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    Season pass holder should get warmonger for free

    Originally Posted by Sydneycl Go to original post
    This's a great experience
    Wtf Ubisoft I own the season pass which main . Purpose is to get characters early and your not giving us warmonger wtf
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    Sad For the update

    such a rubbish game
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    Deleted the game

    Thanks for ruining the game. All I see is the Warmonger with their much to powerful feats and feints. I´ve deleted the game now after very many frustrating rounds since your update.
    Seriously, who of you thought THAT character would be a great idea?! Ridiculous.

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    this warmonger hes to good for this game

    you **** entire game and others players gamming , those feats on warmonger is to much he didnt fight to make kills .... that damage from perks is to much,,,,i never play for honor again
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