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    what rep or level will the armors be availble at im really looking forward to wardens armor pluussss i did loose my account and all my gear from Y1 , 1 , 3 etc ive been here since the start but yeah i cant wait for the armors but ive had to go back to rep 2 again
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    In my opinion, it takes to long to level up with the battle pass. The best ways to level up are 1) do the daily orders/bounties for 2 days & you will level up once. Or 2) do the daily orders/bounties & at least 2-3 breach matches as attackers & you will level up once.

    The stuff you can earn from the pass is awesome, but the higher tier stuff will take some serious grinding. Unless you play everyday for a significant amount of time, I doubt anyone will reach the final rank by the time the season is over. I only play the game every 2-3 days & I go until I either run out of orders/bounties, or until I get bored of doing breach.

    You can “cheat” your way through the battle pass by buying your way through it. But with how slowly it takes to level with pass, buying ranks might be the best (& quickest) option. However, to buy 20 ranks for example, will cost 25000 steel, which is worth $20. They pretty much WANT you to buy the ranks so you can make in-game purchases. So that’s a nice little money making scam the game has going.
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