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    Rayman Jungle Run will not download in-game data

    Just changed my phone (android) and trying to download and play Rayman Jungle Run, but it will not complete downloading. I get a message that there is a download error. From the reviews on the play store it looks like lots of people are having the same error.
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    Same problem here, wrote to ubisoft's Android support, no answer yet (18 days). There's a lot of bad reviews, from people who have paid for the game. I hope someone at Ubisoft cares.
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    La respuesta de soporte: Lamento que los pasos no te hayan ayudado. Entiendo que es un problema que tienen muchos usuarios, y lamentablemente no podemos garantizar que la aplicación sea compatible con los dispositivos más nuevos.

    Te pido mil disculpas por las molestias, por favor, házmelo saber si puedo ayudarte en algo más.

    I am sorry that the steps have not helped you. I understand that it is a problem that many users have, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the application is compatible with newer devices.

    I apologize for the inconvenience, please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

    So no solution, abandonware.
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