Greetings Riders!

On December 12, 2019, we will be deploying a new patch for Trials Rising. Please find the fixes and improvements this update will bring below.


[ALL PLATFORMS] Possibility to get duplicate poses and animations removed from Gear Crates


[PS4] Fixed an issue that caused frame rate drops when crossing the finish line


[ALL PLATFORMS] 100 limit for downloaded tracks removed

[ALL PLATFORMS] 60 track limit removed from the Favorites Feed

[ALL PLATFORMS] Added multiple-choice selection for both Track Difficulty and Type

[ALL PLATFORMS] Added an instructions field for Skill Games

[ALL PLATFORMS] Improvements have been made to trending feeds

[ALL PLATFORMS] Improvements to backend tools used to manage feeds


[ALL PLATFORMS] Corrected mislabeled rarity on various items


[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed missing “New Item Labels” for Multiplayer Season rewards


[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a bug that caused effects included a glued group to not rotate with the rest of the group


[ALL PLATFORMS] Squashed a bug that caused Favorite Track Central tracks to not appear in Private Multiplayer track selection

The team is continuing to work on further improvements and fixes. Stay tuned to our channels for updates on when our next patch is coming. Until then, we’ll see you on the leaderboards!