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    Same here too, it's nearly 2PM GMT and there's no event stuff in the game at all
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    I also have no event, but i know that some people are able to play it
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    now for me on android i'm able to play the event. the ball run is cool!
    no crashes for the stunttracks.

    it works!

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    It's now 7pm gmt and no event for me yet
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    Originally Posted by THE_PHOENIX999 Go to original post
    Oh and btw, I don't need to pay, I just win. There's no point to me resource hacking because I have skill, unlike you
    Go tell that to your old banned account full of cheats and hacked resources LoL
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    game is crashing while playing trixmas, 2 different phones checked, anyone else?
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    game cannot start even - that's what i meant here
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    Hey guys, I wondered if you knew how those events give out bike parts.

    . For those who aren't aware, if you get a platinum medal on a given track, you should have a small % chance of seeing a bike part on the loot wheel.
    Problem is, I don't know if it's restricted to 1 of the 4 tracks, and since it drops pretty rarely I'd rather not farm the wrong track if possible. I just have no clue whether there's a restriction or not, so I just farm one track that I know I can get plat most of the time.

    It does seem like the first (or few first) times you get a plat on a new leg, you often get one part, then it's the low % to get another.

    Also, last time there was a event like this one (a few months ago), I tried buying 100 tickets (twice) to farm bmw parts, to no avail. I still dont know if I was unlucky of if the game refuses to give out parts for bought tickets.

    If anyone has more info, it would be much appreciated. Farming those events for bike parts tend to take a lot of time after all!
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    Dear Riders, apologies for the inconvenience caused to you since the latest update.
    Please note that we're currently working on a solution for the 'crash on launch' issue and it will be fixed at the earliest.

    Thank you for your patience!
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    I cant participate

    Why i cant participate to trixmas
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