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    When will you remove Denuvo???

    Check that video, and when will you remove ****in denuvo?????
    AC Origins steam ver runs like **** in my system even in the lowest setting. i also already tried the cracked version without denuvo,and it runs perfect aboce 30fps med-high settings.
    Thanks ubisoft
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    Sorry for the refloat.

    I only have problems on cities. The rest works fine, but tbh I would like to see denuvo removed too. Its absurd to have anything to protect from piracy, wasting computer resources if the game is already cracked. idk if its because a contract or something but it should be removed. Sometimes I dont play the game just because of bad performance on cities. Its really annoying

    i7 8700k 16gb ram and 1070ti btw.

    Was just searching info about denuvo and I was wondering if you guys removed the f denuvo on Origins and odissey
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    Origins is relatively ok on my PC but Odyssey runs very badly. FPS drops from 30 to 5 and stays there until I fast travel or change graphics setting. No other game has this serious issue. Ubisoft needs to do something about that. Assassin's Creed Unity and Syndicate were the last games that ran smoothly on PC, without performance issues. It looks like someone cares only about console gamers, leaving PC players in the mud. We were betrayed.
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    They should remove it. I have a machine with i7-6700K cpu, nvidia 1070 gpu and 16 gb ram. I can run the game in maxed settings but it is never consistent 60 fps even in high settings. Maxed being ultra high. IIRC there is low, medium, high, very high and ultra high.
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