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    Season 4 -- Expedition to the North Pole -- Updated

    This article has been updated to reflect a correction. The Scarab fun bike, like the previously released Shopping Cart & Crawler, is available to purchase for Acorns only. We apologize for this error and any misunderstanding it may have caused.

    Greetings Riders!

    ‘Tis the season to explore all the North Pole has to offer. Beginning December 12, you’ll embark on an adventure facing the challenges of the frigid terrain of the North. Expedition to the North Pole brings a 4th season of ranked multiplayer, new customization items including two cross-brand outfits, our Christmas event starting on December 12, a new Track Pack, and the brand-new Scarab fun bike. Content will be released throughout the season, so you'll always have something new to strive for.


    Season 4 begins an all-new season and brings with it all-new rewards. Only the top riders will be able to earn all the parts of the Golden Narwhal Outfit. Will you be one of the few?


    Expedition to the North Pole also brings with it a host of new Customization items for both your rider and your bike. Throughout the season you’ll be able to unlock various items including 4 new rider outfits, two of which you may recognize from other Ubisoft titles. The Just Dance Panda and the Raider – Defender of Viking honor -- are among the new looks your Rider can sport this season. Along with these outfits, you can also make your Rider ready for the Polar Cap with our Arctic Explorer or Narwhal outfits.

    In addition to the new outfits, you’ll also be able to unlock 2 new bike skins and 10 new themed helmet accessories. You’ll also be able to show off your Rider’s looks with the total of 12 new animations/poses this season.

    New Content:
    • 4 New outfits -- the cross-branded Just Dance Panda and the Raider, and the Arctic Explorer and the Narwhal

    • 10 Themed helmet accessories

    • 5 Loading poses

    • 5 Victory poses

    • 2 Lose animations

    • 2 Bike skins


    Along with plenty of new items to make your Rider and Bike look fresh, Season 4 also brings a fresh fun bike, the Scarab. This bike, available starting December 26, is built to survive the frigid snow dunes. It’s bouncy and fat with a forgiving suspension.

    Season 4 will also bring a brand-new Track Pack, available starting January 2, and seasonal event. More info on those is coming soon so stay tuned for more!

    Thanks for Riding with us this season, and until next time, we’ll see you on the leaderboards!
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    Looks awesome ! I'm so happy that we can use trials coins to buy the Scarab and not just acorns because I can't find a easy way to earn acorns anymore. But will the Track Pack also cost trials coins and not just acorns?
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    *edited to reflect edit* Now we just need the track lineup announced too

    Any word on being able to earn acorns from MP? A couple ppl asked last season, but never received an answer.
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    Fingers crossed the track pack has a hard track or 2 in it, since the first 2 track packs didnít have any.
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    Hello everyone,

    Just coming in to point out the article has been changed to reflect a correction.
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    I'm at a loss for words ....
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    Originally Posted by FrequentForager Go to original post
    I'm at a loss for words ....
    Iím right with you, and Iíve defended them on a lot of stuff. This has to be a nightmare for their PR person.
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    Sorry for the double post, just wanted to say I appreciate the edit updating with release dates for the bike and track pack. Iíve got my calendar marked!
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    Will you be releasing the mp track list, like last season?

    It'd be nice to see what tracks we have available, because right now it appears that the tracks are not randomizing properly, almost like there's only 4 tracks per division. I'm on the Switch, so not sure how it's been for the other consoles.

    edit: The main 3 I see constantly, even for all 3 rounds and back to back sessions, are "MX and the City", "Hard Hat Zone" and "Canyon Crash"

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    Have a couple of questions that I hope can be answered, or at least responded to.

    1) Can we see a track list for this season or are they the same as last season?

    2) How are the points assigned, for each division?

    3) Are points being deducted for leaving the session early? (saw I lost points when I had to disconnect due to the game freezing up and would like to confirm this is a thing)

    4) How is track selection determined? What player does it base the selection off of?

    Another thing that I'd like to mention is that the track rotation is still not working sometimes. The 3 main tracks that do not rotate seem to be "Canyon Crash", "MX and the City" and "Lynx World". Not sure if it's for unranked ppl or silver, but if it's the first one then please change the selection to equal bronze. I brought this up over a week ago, in hopes you'd have it fixed for xmas, but the problem still exists. There are a lot of new ppl playing and this simple thing will drive a bunch of them away. Nobody wants to play the same 3 tracks back to back for 5 sessions in a row.

    I really hope to hear back from someone, because otherwise ... Where is a player supposed to go with legitimate questions and concerns, if not the official forum?
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