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    Just wondering, are you going to address this ever?


    Found another cheater:

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    Nepthira , formerly username RasimHasanicM9 and SaddlerM9 is the biggest and weirdest hacker i ever met in my life . I talked to him on Ubi forum before he start to upload videos on youtube and he was obsessed with hacks,cheats and all sort of ways to play dirty to win on this non-competitive and dead game.He told me that his name is Rasim Hasanic , son of bosnian immigrants and born in Sweden . After he made his yt account he start to present himself as a female(?)Before uploading videos he cheated extreme and obvious but after that he used only advanced hacks.I still have some clips when he was SaddlerM9 and cheated with spam kill and speedhack,i will upload them soon,if someone cares about such a pathetic loser like him LOL
    Btw , now he denies that he ever cheated , he said that spam kills were because poor internet connection hahaha and his speedhack caused by lag
    Now there a re a lot of proofs that he made another account industryDARK where he use all the hacks in the world only against Nepthira's enemies
    Heath Deadger what do you have to say about that ? Or you still close your eyes because he kiss your *** conratulating you every time you upload a video? Or for you there are no advanced hackers , you notice only dumb obvious cheaters ??
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    Oh look Heath , you imbecile who see only obvious cheaters but ignore genious hackers like Nepthira/industryDARK, another case of harassment : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWDF...nel=IonutOlogu
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    Originally Posted by ionutzescu_ Go to original post
    Originally Posted by ionutzescu_ Go to original post
    Naming and shaming is not permitted on this forums !
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