I guess I'm a little late for the show. That's what you get when falling in love with a series that started so long ago but you not being old enought lmao.

I replayed ac brotherhood a few months ago, and for the first time realist there where emails. I didn't see those in my first playthought, and actully didn't leave the animus at all thought that game.
I play on xbox, so it like knows I speak danish, therefor all the mails where translated. Me being to lazy to switch to english just went online on google to find the english version of the mails. And as I did that I stumbeld over "the truth". So I restarted the game and got the truth, but it's so... laggy. Is it like that for everyone?
If not... when the cutscene ends and you can renter the animus, could you then talk to lucy more? Confront her maybe? Or has desmond no clue what to do with what he just saw?