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    AC Syndicate: Stuck in "gang war/boss fight" - please help..

    I've played through all previous AC-games, so I have a decent understanding of gameplay and mechanics. But now I'm completely stuck in Assassin's Creed Syndicate:

    After completing all conquest activities in Lambeth, I expected a "gang war" symbol to pop up on my map so that I could go trigger it when I was ready. But instead, I just got a 1-sec glance of the map before the game automatically jumped straight to a scene with Cletus Strain reading his creapy bird-pie-poem. Once he's done, he runs off, and hordes of gang members attack me. I¨ve tried chasing him, but halve the times I'm dead before catching up as I'm being stabbed and shot at by blighters all the way. The few times I do catch up with him alive, at least 5 blighters will have followed me and joins the fight, making the fight nearly impossible. And when the memory resets, the consumables do NOT reset to the amounts I had before desynchronizing, so after 20 bird-pie-poems and 20 deaths i have 0 of everything. I can't fight the gang war because he runs off and I desynchronize, and I can't kill him because theres a gang war going on around me. I can't fast travel during conflict, and I desyncronize if I run off to find a merchant for consumables. I can't even switch between the two characters to see if the other guy stands a better chance.

    I'm only lvl 3 wearing the equipment I started out with! I was planning to prepaire a bit before doing this part, but now I'm stuck in a groundhog day of death..

    Is this normal? What can I do? Restarting the game doesn't help, and theres no such thing as loading a previous save point in this game as far as I know.

    Any sugestions are very welcome!
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    I wouldn't worry about him in that moment.

    Oftentimes, the gang leader will show up before the actual gang war to taunt you, usually after clearing a stronghold. It's possible to take them out then, but if you're having difficulty, just let him get away.

    Then, after the event is over, the actual gang war should be available.
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