We’ve been following the discussions around Cassie Mendoza and talked about the concerns, confusion and other topics internally with the team. If you missed it, we had a first post about Cassie coming out a couple of weeks ago talking about her inventory and timers.

When looking at the current way the stock for Cassie is created, we found a couple of bugs (as mentioned in the previous post) but also some technical things that added to the confusion.

As Cassie’s stock could include items that required you to possess a Blueprint of that item, it could happen that one player would see a different stock than another. On top of it, if you acquired said Blueprint at a later stage it could happen that Cassie’s stock changed by overwriting an item. We don’t think that her stock was very clear and with it possibly changing while she was active offered a not so great experience.

With TU6.1, which is coming on December 10th as mentioned on State of the Game #140, we’re making changes to Cassie’s stock. When the update is live, Cassie will always offer two named items, one Weapon and one Gear slot item. Additionally, if you have opened the Ivory Key lockbox in the Base of Operation, she will always offer the Shield Splinterer each rotation. We will also exclude any named items that require Blueprints from the Special Field Research from that point on, to ensure that the stock is always available to all players, regardless of their progress in the Field Research.

We also hear concerns about her timers and that it’s not always clear when Cassie is available and when she’s away. We are adding some UI elements in TU6.1 which should make it clearer and help avoid situations where you’re set out to find her just to realize that she’s currently closed for business. Here’s what it is going to look like:

For Title Update 6.1 Cassie will keep her rotation, restocking for 32 hours and then being available for 24 hours with a fresh stock of items.

Thank you, Agents, and see you in D.C.!

/The Division Team