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    Bugged Achievements

    Atleast 4 Achievements are bugged for me:

    Tip o' the Hat
    Anger Management
    It's Super Effective!
    Get to the Point!

    I tried all of them a dozen times each in expeditions on various difficulties and the same with outposts and open world. I got up to 15 kills in one Wrath activation and it didnt unlock, i checked and even recorded it to make 100% sure im not misremembering or seeing things, still didnt unlock.

    Shot every enforcer in sight with armor piercing bullets with all weapons that feature them --> no unlock.

    Stabbed Enforcers with all guns that have bayonetts ---> no unlock.

    No one wears hats in Hope County because i bashed them all away ---> no unlock.

    Honestly, i spend the last 10h i played the game just trying to get these achievements and im burned out. I hate it. I dont even want to finish the game because this ruins it for me. 100%ing games is whats fun for me and broken achievements kill my fun.

    This is now the second Ubisoft game where that happens and i think it will be the last Ubisoft game in general for me because of this. Its just so ****ing frustrating.
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    Hi there, sorry to hear you are having difficulty unlocking these in game actions. So we can get this looked into could you create a support ticket here, and upload an image showing these actions completed but not completing on your account.

    You can also contact us via our social media accounts on Twitter or Facebookher.

    Apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.
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