Seems You all knew about missing Battle Rewards but don't care to give them to the players that has the missing items.

wish you all would of said the battle rewards was going to be stacked for the next set that came out. had 18 to open. my Dad had 38 to open.

Guess what? soon as he gets his done he will have nothing new till 55 days. Raids rewards should be given to the ones that can't or will not do the raids seeing how you will not remove raids and fix it.

Sounds unfair to the ones that did all the hard work getting. now you know how we feel not getting to do the raids and getting the cool gear.

So no one should cry and say thats is unfair. Now you raiders are in our shoes.

Just think what Ubisoft's next game is going to be like.. lol not done missing things removing things you love or locking them and forcing you to do some ungodly dumb task to get it.

I think This is the end for me playing Ghost recon breakpoint.... done going to miss out on the raids loot and it's going to reset today so no need to play and unlock the battle rewards and stuff. games seems done for the normal players and wanted a talk their time game and look around do some kind of take down the islands as they look them over.

I don't see this game going to far now. I think it's at its end. We all just lose out on 120$ $60 or whatever you paid I bought 3 games because I wanted to back the game because it was so good. Now I just sad and very disappointed I will never back a Ubisoft Game again. I will wait a year to see what all they remove and force others to do.

If they would remove raids and fix it and give us our stuff we didn't get I would love to keep playing the game but that seems that will never happen.

You all enjoy the game. This is my last post you all take care and hope the game works out for you all! that are still playing.

Very unfair.

Thanks for reading

Ross Harris