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    Looking for Milsim/Impression Players

    I'm looking for a group of guys (18+ preferably) who are into role-playing, milsim, and impression kits. You know the guys - full Multicam, NODs, Crye plate carriers, and M4's and SAWs. If you're interested, hit me up.
    We'd be doing HALO insertions, seaborne operations, base clearing (loud and covert,) and a multitude of other missions, while forming our own SOP, tactics, and limitations. My code name for this unit is Task Force Liberty (after my Wildlands unit.)

    PSN: MyBADyouMAD



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    Hey mate I’m looking for the same for co-op as well. My username is Curto417
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    Be careful guys, AzraelWilliams thinks he's special forces trained on a video game xD He was telling me the other day he was spec ops hahahaha
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