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    Desperate to make a team? /Austrila

    i am look for a team to play ranked and eauentually league i have been plat mutiple times and is leavel 153 i have a k/d of this season of 0.9 and looking for k/d of 0.8 and above. discord/big wang#2865. not toxic .thank you for takeing your time for look at what i have to say
    https://r6.tracker.network/profile/pc/Overskillyt also I have every op in the game
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    I just moved to pc a few months ago and was on console for years before that. Right now I'm Silver 1 because I've had some bad luck, yet the highest rank I was on console was Plat 1 so I know the game. I'm 17, and not terrible, just looking for people who wont continue to demote me over and over again and have mics. thx.
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