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    Acoustic guitar

    Hello, im ultranoob at guitar and i was thinking of buying rocksmith 2014 remastered to learn it, however im not sure if the game is compatible with a "standard acoustic guitar" with no plugins, cables etc. I noticed somthing called "Microphone mode" and maybe thats a solution for it?
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    Hi, Microphone mode should work, but it really isn't what the game was designed for. Using an acoustic guitar, you'd struggle to play many of the songs in the game anyway.

    I would advise to invest in a cheapish electric guitar, preferably one with 'humbucker' pickups, as they help note detection. You'd also need the 'realtone' cable that you can purchase with the game, so you can plug the guitar into your computer/console*. Well worth the investment. Tons of fun awaits

    * I'd recommend using a computer/mac rather than console, as there are regular sales for DLC on computer, but less so for consoles.
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