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    Game no longer launches

    When I attempt to start the game now it kicks out when it starts. Have played this game over 502 hours and when going back now to play again it will not start.I own all the Far Cry games on PC and all work just fine except now Far cry 4.
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    did you buy your game on Steam ?

    if so look here


    also check to make sure its not an issue with a backround app causing a problem as well as see this page
    as yes many can cause an issue with stopping the game from launching properly

    see also


    if you still have an issue please contact Ubisoft Support Directly

    you can do so from that above LINKED page .. or here
    and the main site Support Site here

    please include your MS info and DX diag files to your support ticket
    see these two pages on how to do that
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    I really want to sort that issue out for you, reports about Far Cry 4 not starting up are driving me nuts! It should be fixable.

    Have you tried:
    - Verifying files in Steam/Uplay?
    - Renaming the "Documents\My Games\Far Cry 4" folder to force the game to reset its game settings?
    - Changing the game language (causing Uplay/Steam to download additional files), then Verifying files again?
    - Running the redist setup files (DirectX, VCRedist, DotNet) from the game folder's `Support\Software` subfolder?
    - Creating a new Windows user profile & playing the game from there? If it works, it's registry or My Documents related.

    If so, and nothing helped:
    - Is there any useful information in the Uplay log files? You can find them in e.g. the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\logs" folder.
    - Is there any useful information in the Windows Event Log? See https://www.howtogeek.com/123646/htg...ou-can-use-it/ for instructions.
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