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    Reinforcing a wall causes the Volcán Shield to blow up, causing team deaths and ban

    So theres a tatic going around right now where they plant a Volcán Shield next to a wall someones reinforcing, it blows up and kills teammates. Whoever is reinforcing the wall then gets banned for team killing straight away, Has this been reported already? I no longer reinforce walls when theres a goyo on my team, Not worth getting banned for. It's honestly the most stuipiest thing I've ever seen.
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    Hi there! This is an interaction that has been brought up to the team to be looked back into. We do not have any updates on this at this time. Please make sure to report players who are abusing this interaction. You can go to the Club Website and hit the Add Friend option. It should give you a list of recently played with players. You can then submit that username to our Support Portal for a Conduct Report. Thanks again for checking in on this!
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