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    HITRECORD Extension Announcement: New Challenges Await

    New creative challenges include songs, album covers and radio chats. How will your band of Space Monkeys leave a mark on the world of Beyond Good and Evil 2?

    Full article here.
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    For Beyond Good and Evil 2, I am hoping a scene where Jade looks into the water and sees her reflection. What do you think of this scene?
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    Sure looking into water sounds good to me.

    Well, this is certainly a new and interesting way to make a video game.
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    I really love the veiw you have I would like to see it be iterated and added upon

    I was thinking that this game could feel really cool if it was kinda a bit like a looter shooter mmo but also like shadow of war but in the shooter way. so it would kinda be like mass effect 3 but also shadow of war but also how infinite warfare had their space missions. Kinda like you fight groups of enemies but you can kill them all those you do not kill will get stronger as they get stronger their minions will become part of the main enemies. which priortizes killing all of them early.You can recruit some of them or just plain kill them all they won't respawn or come back from death just recruit their own bodyguards at certain levels. Ambushing and teamplay would be key to your success either ground or space battles with a space map. should also have better weapons and abilities on your different ships as you progress.you can also gain enemy ships and gear would be nice so deciding who to kill and who not to kill would be amazing.I hope you understand or get what i am saying. i am not saying make it a clone, i am just saying take aspects from other games to make your game better which is what you want to do.I actually don't mind if you don't change the game completely but rather make it more emmersive so it can have both offline and online play.
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    Well that sounds funny and entertaining too.
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