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    Ranked leavers solution for remaining players

    Most players have numerous accounts which they’re happy to swap between so increasing ban times won’t really discourage them. We need to be looking at reducing punishment (ELO loss) for remaining team members if a match loss occurs.

    The amount of players leaving should also be reflected in the ELO adjustment upon the loss.

    A good idea would be to look at the % of ELO loss based on 100% for 5 remaining players at the end of the match if a loss occurs. So if 1 player leaves you get a 20% reduction in the amount ELO you lose, 2 players leave you get a 40% reduction and so on.

    What do people think?
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    Thanks for your input! This has been something suggested previously and has been brought up to the Dev team as well. The team is currently looking into issues causing players to disconnect from matches that should help resolve the rise of ranked leavers. We do understand this is not an ideal situation for players who are trying to grind ranked and assure you the team is investigating.
    I personally think it would be nice to have a bit of a decrease in ELO lost in the event of incomplete teams, but I also feel this could be potentially abused by some players. Someone in a squad could take one for the team and lessen the blow of a loss and cause everyone to not lose as much ELO as they should have.
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    You can't tell if they click the leave button, vs a crash? Even ALT-F4. You should be able to detect key-presses and log them which would show intent, vs a player disconnecting because of bad internet.
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