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    Weird ping and data center connection

    So, I've recently been getting 100-300 ping on servers and being connected to servers like seas instead of my typical eus, but my games are running extremely smooth. Is there something wrong with the in-game ping tests or do I actually have bad ping? I've run online ping tests for servers in the EUS and they say that I have low ping. Can anybody here figure out what's going on?
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    Go check that your data center is right. Mygames->Rainbow six siege->folder with random numbers->ini file. Open it with notepad or notepad+ and go down and you see what datacenter you have, it should be "default" but you can write there "eus" and then it doesent change it.
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    Hey SatelliteTen!

    Pulu is correct, if you're on PC you can double check that you are connected to the correct data center to ensure the best connection.

    The ping display in the game should be fine, there are no known issues with it at the moment!
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