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    First, thanks all for your quick help.
    I have 1946 patched to 4.10.1 and have begun to fly a bit. I've now noticed several aircraft (I-153 and Fokker XXI for example) have "tube" gunsights which I find impossible to use. Some of the German aircaft have moveable gunsights which are also difficult to handle. Am I doiing something wrong or is there a view to correct this?

    Also, is there a way to make in the in-flight map smaller so it take up less of the screen?

    Thnanks again.
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    Map size cannot be changed. You can move it around a bit though, if you click both mouse buttons you can drag it...

    These gunsights 'open' using the key defined in 'Tinted Reticle Dimmer' (Ctrl-D is default)

    Use 'Toggle Gunsight' (Shift-F1 is default) to 'center' the german gunsights.

    Have Fun!
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    The tube sights are really hard to use and impossible for dogfighting. Some of the Fokkers don't have them. I think one of them gets a tube sight randomly when you start a mission but there's some way to change some data in its paintskin folder to force it have a normal aiming reticle, someone else can tell you how to do that if you're interested. The Japanese A5M has one too and so does the US Buffalo version but there's no way to get rid of the tube scopes.
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    Wow. Quick response again. That works. Never would have thought of "Tinted Reticle Dimmer".

    Also, I thought I had imagined that the Fokker first flew without the tube site. Guess not.
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