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    Seriously, I like this game. In praise of Far Cry: New Dawn.

    Before I heap some praise upon the developers at Ubisoft for this game I'm thoroughly enjoying, I'll first just point out the few things about Far Cry: New Dawn that I really don't like and feel are worth criticizing.

    The major one really is the RPG-style "levels" and tiers for weapons and enemies. It's not that I don't like RPGs (I actually enjoy a handful of them quite a lot), but this tiered system just feels really out of place in a first-person shooter, and I sorta can't stand it. (This same thing is plaguing Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, the first Ghost Recon game that I absolutely will not support.) Taking a full-on machine gun and blasting tons of bullets into the face and chest of an "elite" enemy only to see him barely twitch and continue to stand up straight just completely ruins immersion for me, taking me woefully out of the experience. You mean I need an "elite"-level machine gun just to stand a chance against a dude in motorcycle gear? This is probably the thing I hate the most about this game, and I hope Far Cry does NOT go in this direction for future installments.

    This is a worrying trend that also started appearing in the recent Assassin's Creed games. I just don't like the idea that I can shoot an arrow straight into a dude's head, and he doesn't even flinch because he's at a "higher level" than me. Ugh.

    I am glad that I have the option to disable HUD elements like damage numbers (which I really hate) and life bars--I really don't like seeing these things cluttering up my screen. In fact, thank you for giving us lots of HUD-disabling options! But the fact still remains that these systems are in place . . . and they truly suck.

    Basically, if I'm playing a shooter with human enemies and "real" guns, I guess my expectations are a little old-fashioned: a bullet from an assault rifle should do real and lasting damage to an enemy, and this damage should be made manifest on screen. I shouldn't just see an artificial life bar go down just a tad. An arrow to the face should take a guy out completely. Oh, well.

    And although I do like the fact that I can choose to play as a woman, I don't really like the whole "silent protagonist" thing. I want to hear my character speak and emote. I'm the kind of player who appreciates when my character interacts verbally with other characters and even comments on the world, the situation, etc. (Yes, I appreciated it when my AI squadmates spoke to one another in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.)

    All that said, I wish to praise Ubisoft for their work on Far Cry: New Dawn, a game that I am actually enjoying A LOT more than Far Cry 5. Maybe the narrative trajectory and gameplay systems just seem a bit more "focused" to me this time around than in the previous game, but I am drawn to--and absorbed by--this game waaay more than 5.

    First and foremost, I LOVE the open world here. It appears to be more vibrant, more colorful, more animated, and more beautiful than the pre-apocalypse Hope County featured in the last game. I still can't bring myself to finish Far Cry 5's story, and I'm not entirely sure why. I guess I've always liked Far Cry worlds because they always struck me as more . . . foreign? Exotic, maybe? And Far Cry 5's Montana just seemed so . . . boring to me. Far Cry 2 was set in Africa, Far Cry 3 was set in some Pacific islands, and Far Cry 4 was in a Himalayan country. I loved all these settings.

    Granted, New Dawn's world is essentially the same space as the last one's, but it's got that much-touted "superbloom" phenomenon going on, so the world is covered in flowers, moss, vegetation, and so on, making Hope County seem like a different place entirely and causing me to sometimes forget that this story takes place in a US state. Tree branches blow in the wind, dust and pollen are flying everywhere, the lighting from the sun and moon is near perfect, and the skies exhibit that awesome aurora borealis effect--all of which adds a touch of beauty to an already beautiful world. This game world, for me, rivals the beauty of the one in Horizon: Zero Dawn, and I absolutely adore that gorgeous world (and that entire game, for that matter).

    Seriously, the designers have done a marvelous job here, and they deserve great compensation for their work. It's a treat existing in this world, and I enjoy trekking across its landscapes on foot or in a vehicle, encountering the remains of houses and buildings that I can enter and scavenge for resources. On top of all this, the game is stable and runs at a near-buttery smooth framerate (I'm on a PS4 Pro) with texture pop-in that, while still there, is somehow less noticeable to me than in Far Cry 5 (and much less noticeable than in some other open-world games).

    May Far Cry continue to give us large, gorgeous, immersive, and "alive" open worlds to traverse and explore. And long live the open-world genre.

    I also enjoy the core gameplay loop of traveling/exploring, scavenging/collecting, and engaging in combat (whether in random skirmishes out in the world or in concentrated outposts). I like having a home base that can be upgraded through the accumulation of resources. I would like to return to a system of weapon modification more like Far Cry 5's, though. I would love to choose how my weapons look and what kinds of attachments to add to them.

    One particular highlight for me is the "treasure hunts" (formerly "prepper stashes"), which offer me some varied experiences in the name of gaining access to a bunch of useful stuff.

    Anyway, I just want the people who worked on this game to know that their work is not unappreciated. I waited for this game to be on sale (I don't have a lot of money to spend), but I'm glad I bought it. Keep making good and immersive open-world games, as these are the types I most thoroughly enjoy. Despite its clear flaws, Far Cry: New Dawn is an overall good time for me.

    If I were to make a request with regard to moving forward, I'd ask that you keep tailoring your games to the single-player gamer. Really, not all of us are even remotely interested in online multiplayer nonsense. I just want to sit down to play a game on my own time, at my own pace, and in my own way. Please don't make everything about multiplayer and co-op stuff.

    Thanks for your consideration!
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    I fully agree with all of it only I'd add I really miss the random soldiers I could hire in FC5
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    I've only played ten or so missions on New Dawn but already I've seen a distinct improvement on the poorly structured Far Cry Loose Cannon (FC5) . I know it's a shorter game but since when was quantity better than quality? Hunting, exploration, crafting, perks etc. have all risen several notches and has more of a FC3 feel to it IMO.

    The damage numbers/bars are a useful addition too I think especially when fighting tough cookies like bears.
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