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    Loading bar animation

    I'm probably posting it too late, but, I've been so excited of this game when it is released... You did a really great job with new engine, and this AC Origins loading bar looks really perfect at all, so I wanted to created a small JavaScript engine to be able to create similar loading animations and put it anywhere in the web.
    So, here we are: https://github.com/webdeveloperukraine/acloader
    I'm not sure I've put the ideally right timings and colors, I've tried to get it from game screenshots and videos, but I've made all parameters configurable (and even more)...
    I just wanted to say great job! And feel free to use it anywhere you want

    P.S. Looking forward for new AC game
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    Hello Immortal0ua,

    First off, welcome to the forums! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! I am really happy to hear that you are enjoying your adventure in Ancient Egypt.

    Also great work! Thanks for sharing your creations with others.
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