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    New ideas for games

    Hi! I'm new, sorry for my english. I've got a idea for a new game, maybe it's not original, then i'm sorry☺️. Well the idea it's a new game with a combination Altaïr, Ezio, Edward explained by William Milles. It could be one game or three, mixed with Abstergo's history or Assassin's actually history, maybe too Subject 16 history....
    Searching new artifacts.... For example Excalibur, Longinus spear, Masamune (introducing Japanese Assassin's) Thanks!
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    So, I have been thinking some days about an Assassin's Creed game set in Bulgaria during the revival period( Revolutionary movement against the Ottoman Empire). So that's the story:
    The main protagonist is a Bulgarian Haydutin from the rhodopee region. After he is fainted in battle with the Turks, in which we fights with his all heart and soul, St methodius appears in his sleeps and he helps him travel the eagle's path. At it's end, he is guided to the Assassins, who are located in a secret vault in tsarigrad/Instanbul/Constantinople. He tells them that the First Civilization led him to them, then he is trained in the Assassin way and his primary goal at the time is to kill the Grand Vizier İvaz Mehmed Pasha In Lepanto.his adventures, he sees his sister killed by Turks and brother taken for a Jannisary and collects documents and informationfrom ottoman pasha', statesman and other people of power about all the Templar-Assassin wars and understands why and how and how Bulgaria fell under control.

    A Pistol
    Hook Blade and modified Rope-dart
    Air Musket( I just loved the idea from Shay )
    a Bastard sword( Ignore the photo)
    Bomb Customazation
    and a Dagger

    https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca88...fls0CzPmXZvCL4 - link to image
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    new AC Ideas

    Hi, I'm from Scotland and i have an idea that might be a great idea for a future ac. My idea to set ac in 1700 Scotland/England where the Jacobite wars took place, their are countless famous battles and a ton of scope to add the Celtic warriors as the next step in the assassin line up following the viking invasion. we can place the Red coast army (the English) as the Templar's and can make many exploring opportunities basing it off the vast and plentiful supply of Celtic tombs and burial sites let alone the countless castles and stunning views Scotland has to offer. Thanks for considering my idea, Rowan.
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    New AC Idea Based On India !!!

    I think if Ubisoft made a AC game based on Indian freedom struggle or Mughal Rule it would blow up like CRAZY !!!
    There will be a whole new world of rich Mughal Archietecture, Slavary, Suppresions, Revilutions, Conflicts, It would be a great theme to play and adapt...
    If we are talking about Mughal Rule in India :
    It happened between 1206-1555 AD....they ruled a quite a bit...Ubisoft can even Connect the stories with Altair and Ezio to this New AC concept.
    With the suppressing Mughal Rule and Delhi Sultenate following Revolts of small Rulers to the huge Mughal Empire would be a Classic.
    There's a 2nd Theme of India during the Freedom Struggle in the rule of British colonism.
    It would be great to see AC forming in india and fighting British(Templars) to restore peace and order...It would be great seeing a revolution happening with the ideology of 'Purna Swaraj' meaning 'One Nation'.
    It would be thrilling to see a common protagonist like Arlo(AC Unity) unite people and rule out the british and the Templars out of India.
    Keeping the Population and Huge Cultural Diversities it would be an Epic from my point of view...
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    Assassin's Creed: Samurai's Code

    Over the last few weeks I have been playing Assassins Creed: Odyssey as well as Origins. For a while I have been wondering if Ubisoft has considered making an Assassins Creed that takes place in feudal Japan. I could understand why you wouldn't pursue making such a game as it may not follow the overall story arch that you have created.
    I feel as though the idea of an Assassins Creed game would really resonate with the game playing public as Japan is rich with Samurai and Ninja lore.
    Specifically the twelfth to fifteenth century in Japan, which saw intrigue and warfare as the empire of Japan rose. Being able to live in Japan during this time period as a warrior with the ability to assassinate or compromise the opposing team to give your allies the upper hand in combat just bleeds Assassins Creed!
    I feel as though your team would be the best at bringing feudal Japan to life. Your team has done amazing work with all of your other offerings and would do extreme justice to my dream.

    Thank you for your time,

    Nathan Goss
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    hi, my name is Dallas Miller. I've been playing Assassin's creed ever since Black Flag came out. I've played every assassins creed game at least once (all except oddessy because that game doesn't deserve the name "Assassin's Creed'). With my extensive knowledge of assassins creed and its lore, I've concocted 2 ideas for new Assassin's Creed games which I plan to make as fan games in the near future (with Ubisoft's permission of course.)(please Ubisoft?)my first idea is an assassins creed game is set in the year 1910. Johnathan Ryder is the Sheriff of an unmarked town 20 miles east of what is now modern-day Carson City in Nevada. he had a beautiful wife and two very smart children. A lot of people were envious of the life Johnathan had, so they wanted to take it from him. one day after a night of drinking, he found himself lost in the desert with his ring finger on his left hand missing (how convenient!). he made his way west trying to see if he could find a place to rest for the night. he stumbles upon a large camp with banners surrounding it. he runs to the entrance of the camp and falls unconscious. he awakes the next day in a small tent with two assassins standing outside talking. "are you sure he's one of us?' a feminine voice says. a more manly voice speaks up, a bit surprised, "how could he not? have you seen his ring finger?". a man with an older sounding voice enters the tent. "hello Johnathan." the man seemed very wise for his age even though he only said Johnathan's name. to make this novel a bit shorter, basically, the assassins recruit him and Johnathan finds out the men that abandoned him in the desert claimed him to be dead and took his family for themselves. this makes him, like, really mad, and his first mission is to free his family. I'll post the other idea later on tomorow.
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    dear ubisoft i hope to you read this idea please

    Dear ubisoft, I really appreciate your great work in each and every one of your video games and I would like you to read this idea since I think it could be great, I would like you to make a video game of the assassin's creed saga but located in the first world war or second world war, but that keep a parkour and graphics like the ones in AC unity or Syndicate since in my opinion the best parkour is the one of those two games, I hope you could read this idea, I appreciate you very much and thank you
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    No tengo una idea exacta, pero me gustaría que enlazarán más las historias como lo hicieron al principio era super motivante eso! Después de altair, ézio encontrando y descifrando la vida de altair, y después Edward kenway, quien iba a pensar que connor seria su nieto! Es como un legado eso era intensificante a la historia, después de Eivor podrían basarse en los años mil, que para los cristianos según seria el fin de los tiempos, el apocalipsis, que en su caso los templarios serian los culpables de eso de algun modo, y nuestro personaje descendiente de Eivor lucharia por detenerlos, seria genial volver enlazar historias y mejorar las peleas de manera que tengas que reacciónar rápido, ézio y connor te hacían sentir un gran asesino con su manera de pelear y especialmente ézio en la hermandad y revelaciones.
    Espero tomen en cuenta mi comentario entiendo que quieran evolucionar pero no deberían alejarse demasiado de los primeros juegos
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    Nadie ha pensado en esto???

    Acaso a nadie se le ha pasado por la mente , idear un nuevo juego de Assassin's ubicado en el futuro???.
    Me refiero a darle mucho más protagonismo a abstergo y a los asesinos hackers ...
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