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    New ideas for games

    Hi! I'm new, sorry for my english. I've got a idea for a new game, maybe it's not original, then i'm sorry☺️. Well the idea it's a new game with a combination Altaïr, Ezio, Edward explained by William Milles. It could be one game or three, mixed with Abstergo's history or Assassin's actually history, maybe too Subject 16 history....
    Searching new artifacts.... For example Excalibur, Longinus spear, Masamune (introducing Japanese Assassin's) Thanks!
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    So, I have been thinking some days about an Assassin's Creed game set in Bulgaria during the revival period( Revolutionary movement against the Ottoman Empire). So that's the story:
    The main protagonist is a Bulgarian Haydutin from the rhodopee region. After he is fainted in battle with the Turks, in which we fights with his all heart and soul, St methodius appears in his sleeps and he helps him travel the eagle's path. At it's end, he is guided to the Assassins, who are located in a secret vault in tsarigrad/Instanbul/Constantinople. He tells them that the First Civilization led him to them, then he is trained in the Assassin way and his primary goal at the time is to kill the Grand Vizier İvaz Mehmed Pasha In Lepanto.his adventures, he sees his sister killed by Turks and brother taken for a Jannisary and collects documents and informationfrom ottoman pasha', statesman and other people of power about all the Templar-Assassin wars and understands why and how and how Bulgaria fell under control.

    A Pistol
    Hook Blade and modified Rope-dart
    Air Musket( I just loved the idea from Shay )
    a Bastard sword( Ignore the photo)
    Bomb Customazation
    and a Dagger

    https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca88...fls0CzPmXZvCL4 - link to image
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