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    Si lo he pensado y apuesto que todos lo hemos pensado, pero se perderían las peleas con espadas y sería decepcionante para los fanáticos
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    Assassins Creed The New World

    Hi my names Tehira osullivan from new Zealand and i think we should have a game based in the mid to late 15th century, during the discovering age of the new worlds
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    I would like to see them adapt the chronicle 2.5d games China, Russia, India into full fledged ac 3D games to play ... other than that maybe a game covering what Claudia was doing between brotherhood and revelations since she’s inducted into assassins near end of brotherhood....

    A prequel covering events of Altair's father who was also an assassin could make for a interesting game... other than that going back to first game feels super dated compared to rest of series the game engine over the years and way game plays have changed so much be nice to see remake of original game to be more like rest of games... plus you could expand it to be way better now ac with more activities than save citizen would upgraded mini map , better inventory system more weapons to use... could greatly extend Altaïrs story....

    Could do a Hundred Years’ War period as Joan of arc as a possible game...

    Also we cover assassins a lot but what about game as a Templar would make sense since there’s periods when Templars had a majority of power could cover some of what the Templars are doing with their animus since they have whole company with them like assassins seeking answers from the past they must have agents doing the same...
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    AC : Dinasty !

    I've been thinking at this idea for a while now .
    It would be nice to create an AC story in China, such as an emperor son who has been betrayed and has to fight his way back or just a insignifcant guy who fight for people. I think there is a large gamma of opportunies for a story in China, such as fighting back mongols or roman empire, silk road, the great wall and a large variety of weapons and fighting styles as well . If there will ever be a new AC, i hope it will be in China, we already had Spain, Caraibean Sea, Italy ,France, England, America, Turkey, Greece, Egypt and even Norway. In my opinion, China would be a big succes for a next game..
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    Hello, I'm João, and I've been playing AC for a few years now and I love the lore and how it entangles with major history events. As for my suggestion I would love to see an AC game set in the 15th century during Portugals exploration of the African Coastline to discover the route to India by Vasco da Gama. We also know from AC: Rogue that a piece of Eden was hidden in Lisbon, maybe it could be tied up with this story.
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    Assassin's creed witch-hunt

    I think an idea for a future game would be based during the times of the salem witch trials. Having only the option of playing as a female character, who is the master assassin of your guild, you are being tried for witchcraft at the hands of the governments run by the order of ancients who are using the concept of witchcraft as an excuse to execute assassins they find, saying that they possess items of dark arts (isu artifacts). The order kill off most of your guild but you escape and must start anew finding a new base of operations, recuiting members to the guild and collecting gear along the way. Having access to a range of weapons both stealth and combat you can decide how the people of the town would view your guild, as hiding in the shadows may make your guild look more like the witches they are accused of being or bringing down the government by bringing their lies to the light would rally the people with you, either way the ending wouldn't change as the guild would be free and flourish once more. Weapons would include the usual stuff with the return of the crossbow as well as abilites to match the look of witchcraft being able to set weapons alight, on poison and even sleeping effects and introducing the option of the hidden blade to either kill or utilise the sleeping agent on your blade and pacify your target. During the game you would be targeted by witch hunters who would be this games bounty hunters being paid by the order to bring you down, head to old broken assassin's guilds (witch's covens) for exciting new weapons, loot and abilties and collect ingredients out in the world to return to your alchemist and their couldron to make potions for buffs. Obviously DLC to come where a group had been collecting the presumed destroyed isu artifacts and have been utilising their abilites to make an actual witches coven and want to take out your opposing coven. In this you would be brought into the witching world getting new abilities, using isu artifacts and becoming the witch hunters yourself. Just an idea i've been thinking on that would be a darker turn on the franchise
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    new assassin creed


    I'm mohammad and I want talk about (new Assassin creed) , as well you know assassin creed is originality from (Persian) but the a lot of people


    years wait for assassin creed Persian ! but we never see , your community (Ubisoft) is one of the best with nice games ( rainbow six ,

    far cry , assassin creed , etc...) and I'm here to request please if you can if you want make assassin creed Persian please or i dont know everythink you can do

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    Idea for new game

    Hello Ubisoft Team, I hope whoever is reading this is well. I’m sorry if my English is not quite correct, it is not my first language. My idea is, if you are planning on doing a new game in the future, that you could do one based off the Azteca Mythology, based on what I’ve seen in your video games, I believe that you will be able to create a proper representation of this culture, I think that a video game with this setting would be thrilling and a beautiful sight to see. I hope you take my idea into account.

    Thank you for your time.
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