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    Broken Replay

    Trials track building team consisting of Synapsis, TheMovement81, DudozinoUziko & Murdoc Loch

    Below Job
    Released: Dec 6th, 2019
    Difficulty: Hard
    Description: Originally created in Trials HD by: RedRider686, R0T IN, HEETSAUCE, GENERAL RAM, Murdoch Loch & o SKUMBAG o

    Legacy Creations:

    Released: Nov 11th, 2012
    Difficulty: Extreme
    Description: Originally created by o SKUMBAG o in Trials HD. Reimagined By Murdoc Loch & TheMovement81.

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    Man. Plz keep these coming! Awesome seeing some team builds again! Hope you guys, K², and others continue this awesome tradition. Would love to see To5 come out of retirement, and some new ones coming together as well. Lookinh forward to yalls next creation!
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    Great work guys. Looking forward to the next one! That intro is epic
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