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    Goth Kids Unite

    Hey there fellow Phone Destroyers!

    Goth Kids Unite is looking for players to join our team. We’ve recently lost some of our long-term players to retirement and we need to fill our ranks. We are a dedicated, friendly group of super cereal free-to-play players who enjoy the game and just want to have fun in a supportive, collegial atmosphere. We like talking strategy and encourage individual deck development along with team participation. Most of us have high donation levels because we believe in sharing. We need some dedicated, reasonably advanced level (17+) Destroyers to jump in and help us take our game to the next level. We’re hanging on to Silver League in TvT, but we need your help. We typically complete weekend events, so expect plenty of packs. We also have a FB group page and Discord. We are also international with teammates from around the world.

    Goth Kids Unite, join a group that loves the fun of SPPD!
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    Fooman1232 said:
    17 Hours Ago
    Hello there!
    Just saw your post about you guys needing team members. I'm part of a team who just punched through to gold league (99) and we need more players. How many guys are you? And what are your levels? And the main question, would you consider joining us?
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    A few of the members are talking about maybe joining forces since it seems like the player pool is decreasing (or maybe it's just hard to recruit players). We are down to 42/50 and missing those 8 players is actually significant. We've got about a dozen very loyal teammates, so how many players does your team need?
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    The same is happening to us, nobody joins anymore. But to be fair we also kicked a few players for inactivity or bad scores in team wars.
    We have room for 15 people and we have the following rules set up.

    Get your caps and play your wars

    we encourage to practice before wars to familiarize yourself with the deck

    We test different decks based on the choices the team made and adjust accordingly.

    Get about halfway or preferably higher in token events (they are super hard at times)

    We use WhatsApp for communication, better and easier to share deck pics with etc. If one of you wants to see who we are I can share the link
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    You still here good sir?
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