I think there are various reasons, why Avatar is so much hated. If you ask someone who dislikes Avatar, he'll probably say, because of the predictable story, stupid characters, plot holes, clichés, etc.

But how is Avatar different from other Blockbusters that don't get so much hate, especially the Marvel movies? I can see why people don't care about Avatar, why they wouldn't be interested. But hate is such an extreme reaction that has to have its roots somewhere. So why is it this particular film? To answer this, I looked back in time and male behaviorism.

So I looked at Camerons works and I realized that a lot has changed since Titanic. Before Titanic he was this badass director, that would make the greatest action sequences with the toughest action heroes (or heroines respectively). His movies were not that brutal but they were definitely rough. And suddenly he makes this period drama about a tragic lovestory - Titanic? I frequently talked to guys - movienerds mostly - that love the early works of Cameron, especially Terminator, Terminator 2 and Aliens. And when I ask about Titanic they don't even want to talk about it. No matter how successfull the movie was, to them Titanic was the beginning of the end, the start of a downward spiral that happened to continue with Avatar, though all hoped for the better.

Remember, it was the 80's and early 90's and young moviegoers were watching the greatest action-flicks ever made. These now grown-up moviegoers still hate Cameron for what they think of as betrayal on them. When in 2006 the 1995 scriptment of Avatar leaked, which described a more mature version of Avatar, hope arose among fans, who dreamed of a glorious comeback of JC to his own roots with an uncompromising, blood freezing action flick that would show generations onward how action movies are made. But then again - a (essentially) LOVESTORY.

Well, Titanic and Avatar are great Action movies as well, but they are mainly driven by its lovestory. Rose and Jack wouldn't try to escape together wouldn't it be for their love to each other. Same goes for Jake. He wouldn't try to defend the Na'vi and fight against Quaritch wouldn't it be for the love to Neytiri and the forests of pandora.

Of course you could say, Terminator and Aliens have its own emotional core and you are absolutely right! In Terminator 2 John Conner found a father like rolemodel only to let it go in the end. In Aliens Ripley is a mother who fights against another mother for a child. James Cameron is a great artist that knows exactly how to root even the most brutal action in a heartwarming relatable setting.Nonetheless Titanic was too much. Only reluctantly they admit that Titanic was not "that bad" of a film, but they still don't like it. I'm pretty sure the only reason for that is the inability - no, the refusal - to talk about feelings. It's like in kindergarden where the boys were only to play with toy guns or muscle-packed action-figures while the girls play with their dolls and dollhouses, etc. It's always very clear: "Boys don't play with dolls!" In adult life the same goes: "Men don't talk about feelings!" There is a difference whether a man crys becaus a comrade dies in war or because he is separated from his girlfriend.

There is a whole genre of movies - the lovestory - that men DON'T watch, even though they are great movies, classics even. Movies like "Dirty Dancing", "Flashdance", "Ghost", "Pretty Woman" or "Notting Hill". It's sad, but we still live in times where the (white) male movie audience dominates not only the production of hollywood blockbusters, which are sci-fi action nowadays, but also our perception of cinema history. Take Youtube for example: Most successfull youtubers that talk about movies are talking about action movies, comic movies, science fiction or fantasy movies. Lovestorys are not part of that list. When they decide to not include a particular movie in a particular top movie list for particular reasons, they have the power to change peoples perception of the movie past. James Cameron broke the unwritten law, that an action director could not do a lovestory and he proved them wrong. Thats why the majority of male audiences hates Titanic and Avatar.