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    Riven Glitch With Lingering Animation Stills

    Im having a glitch with my copy of riven where any time theres an animation on screen, the rest of the screen is filled with patches showing still frames from any previous animations that have played, blocking out what should be showing except for the section with the current animation. This is pretty much unplayable, and ive seen a few other people having the same issue on other forums but none with a conclusive answer (even if the answer is just- its broken get a new copy) Is there anyway to fix this or any idea whats even causing it?

    Im using a windows 10 HP laptop, not sure what the other specs are but its new this year. I tried running riven in compatibility mode with the windows xp settings but no difference.
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    Welcome to the Forums!

    Have you updated all of your drivers (video, audio, etc.) to the latest available?
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