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    For everyone that is a try-hard

    If you see your teammates fighting and they don't need help, LET THEM ****ING FINISH!!!!!!
    Every time you either feel like you want to help or NEED that kill, you only make things worse by interrupting others attacks or hitting teammates themselves. STOP trying to kill all the enemies in the ****ing world.
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    some people get mad when you help them, some get mad when you dont. we're not mindreaders bro
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    That's why there's a button that let's your team know you need help. Literally, a dedicated button to alert your teammates where to go when help is needed. If they're right next to you, watching you fight, the alert is pretty evident. No excuses for this stupid, try-hard behavior.
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    i've never used them tbh, ever. and tryharding is part of any game where you compete against eachother. you just salty bro, take a beer and chill out
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    No, not at all "part of the game" when you're on the same team, and that ****** ends up killing you sometimes because they just have to get the kill. It really ruins the experience. Please tell me your gamertag if your on Xbox so I can block you.
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    that's not someone trying hard though, that's just an idiot
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    Need to agree with Rooster here, it is madly annoying when you get interrupted by your own team mates and sometimes get killed because of it... But I usually just follow that idiot till he locks on to a foe, then stand right behind him and hack away at him to annoy the crap out of them until they get the message XD

    People need to learn ganking techniques instead of just spamming side heavies, that is the real problem here
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