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    Sorting editor items

    I'm still kinda new but I've searched this forum and can't find if there is a way to sort the editor items by tags or categories.
    In fact, it looks like other people have found difficulty in finding specific items.
    There are a lot of items to build with, and many types (IE: Ramps or Rocks) that are scattered throughout several different games menus making finding what you are after extremely time consuming.
    It would be really handy to have one or two tag filters to select and have a list of all available items in the selected categories.
    If there is already a way to do this, I'd love to know how. If not, is there any reason not to add this feature in a future update?
    I have spent more than a half hour at times searching for something I've seen or used before and that's a lot of wasted time.
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    If you roughly know what you are looking for then try this lin khttps://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2016310-Trials-Rising-Editor-Objects-Spreadsheet it helps a lot
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    Hey, thank you for taking the time to offer help with this.
    I've actually seen this spreadsheet and think it's a really cool thing someone took the time (a lot of time I'd guess) to make.
    I agree this is a very handy tool. However, I am still a little surprised that with so many items, scattered through so many menus, the editor itself doesn't have sorting features. I really think it should be a priority addition to the game if for no other reason, to group all the variations and styles of object together. Even if players could tag items and recall the tag groups would be helpful.
    Also, I think it wouldn't hurt to clean up the item list a little by removing duplicates. With scaling objects possible now duplicate sizes of items are just more clutter in my opinion.

    I hope people don't see this as a complaint. It isn't. It's just a suggestion to make things better.
    I actually love this game (despite a few bugs) and love that there are so many things to build with and so many ways to use them. Creativity with this is endless. It just needs a little fine tuning.
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    You could always save stuff you use regularly into favourites.
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    I appreciate people's alternate solutions, and they are good suggestions but I wasn't really looking for a workaround.
    The point of my "sorting options" was just a suggestion that I was curious it anyone else thought might be nice.
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    Have to agree the editor could definitely use a filter system to put say all ramps in one column and all pipes in another etc. At the moment the only thing u can do or that I can advise is to go through all the objects and and select say every metal plate object and spawn them onto the map 1 by 1, then select them all and group them and save them to favourites under "metal plates". Then u will have all plates in one section as a group, u can spawn them all together grab the object that you want and once u remove it from group can grab the group and delete it. A bit long winded but once u have set up all the items into groups in your favourites it certainly is faster to just grap a group and get the item u want rather than scrolling through thousands of items while not rly sure where the item that you want is.

    Due to the immense amount of objects in rising I've started building with what I call a painters pallet technique. I will spawn a whole bunch of objects that I believe will make up the majority of the track and theme and have them just off camera all layed out ready for me to just grab and place in my track like a painter has a pallet full of colours I have a pallet full of items. It helps if u don't remove the item from the pallet but just grab it and copy it leaving all the items still there to grab whenever. I normally spend a good half hour grabbing a selected bunch of items before I start building anything.
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    That's a really good idea Smeghead89!
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    I've done that same thing. Tried saving groups of objects too but as you said, it's a bit tedious. These are good workaround solutions but I do hope at some point to see the object menus revamped.
    This is a great game and a really awesome editor.
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