I've seen a lot of suggestions to help deal with the issues with the real tone cable static and noise in the background. Or the noise when you play a note or touch the strings

The two most useful bits I've seen up until now have been to reduce the overall microphone volume of the real tone cable. And to touch the strings once and then remove your fingers during the silence part of the calibration so the system sets The Noise Gate properly.

These two things have been a massive help. But I found the one and only solution that truly ends this ******* problem.

A DI box and an xlr to 1/4 inch adapter.

Basically, a ground lift switch on the DI box ends this nightmare once and for all. Unfortunately, the ground lift outputs to xlr so you need an adapter in addition to the DI box.

25ish for Behringer d i box
5 bucks for XLR female to 1/4 female adapter

Total Cost : 30 dollars
Playing Rocksmith the way that it was meant to be played with no crazy hiss, noise or static P R I C E L E S S