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    Rabbids Coding Sandbox level

    I have enjoyed this title very much. However, I have been on the (first? are there more than one) sandbox level for weeks. I completed all of the 32 training levels in 1-3 tries and with no frustration. The scenarios are all very well done. Since opening the Sandbox level, I have come up with a series of good scripts that run for I would guess 15 to 20 minutes on X3 speed and then eventually just stop. The avatar is not cornered or stuck in an infinite loop or anything like that. It just stops. After what must be 8-10 hours of watching this thing run and changing variables I have to wonder if it is possible to complete the level or is it just a canvas to try the limited tools offered in a bunch of different ways without a specific challenge to solve. Up to this point my expectation has been that if I am able to pick up all of the items and have the rabbids sucked up by the washers, that would be the success criteria? Does anyone have any advice?
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    So I really didn't like this level . Harder than the rest of the game combined, and shows its limitations. You'll be pleased to know there's no fanfare for winning, and no extra levels. Why call it a "sandbox" if you can't edit the level? Anyway, here's what I did: https://imgur.com/a/KpAdZpP.

    You can probably optimise it, but I don't care enough to do it. It says "unlimited blocks", but you can only use 36, and you can only make a stack of 4 nested blocks. There's clearly an intended solution, and you're probably meant to use the orange/"purple" (actually blue) squares around the edges, but I didn't.

    I found out by accident that if you loop the first stack 8 times, you end up passing in front of the 2nd washing machine. It was originally [if] above any object, [do] vacuum, but the vacuum command alone had to be shortened for brevity. Same result, only slower. Add [if] facing a washing machine, [do] drop sausage. You need to reverse as well, or you'll never grab the toilet rolls behind you. A "stop" command would've really helped.

    Here's the thing: below 8 runs, you'll never hit the washing machine. But past 8, you'll end up at different points along the same column, perpendicular to the duck rings. If you pick 10 runs, you'll end up closest to the ducks. Then 3 simple commands to get you along the same row, and the rest is history.
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    Thanks a lot man!

    I'm a little bit disappointed not to have some fireworks or something after solving this lvl

    Nevermind: At least I finished the game!
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    I also found this frustrating at first. (The main levels were no problem.) I started by trying to create something general, like a robotic self-navigating vacuum cleaner. I soon realized that the limits on block number (36 max) and non-standard behavior (such as the while loop terminating the instant its condition was violated rather than only at the beginning of the loop) made this difficult. The neatest solution I've seen is to move backwards and then forwards to the limits of a file (row? column?), interacting with items only when moving forward, then shifting to the next file. Repeat this 10 times. At the end of the last cycle you can easily position the robot in front of the second washing machine. This requires about 23 blocks. You cover the same ground twice but you're shifting in the same direction, making that easy to program.
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