Agents, we’ve seen discussions around Cassie’s inventory as well as her timer over the last couple of weeks and we wanted to provide some clarifications but also address a bug we identified.

In her last active phase, Cassie had the named gloves Motherly Love in her stock with 13% AR damage. While the item was visible for some players, others were not able to see it, causing confusion and frustration. To better explain the situation, here’s what Cassie’s inventory should look like:

  • 2 named items (a weapon and a gear piece) which all players have access to.
  • A third named item which requires conditions to be fulfilled:
    • Owning the blueprint of the item that is available
    • Having opened the Ivory Key lockbox in the Base of Operations

When we were looking into the player reports, we were able to identify a bug that has caused not all players to be able to see the Motherly Love gloves, even though they had finished the Special Field Research stage that grants the blueprint. The issue is that instead of one requirement needing to be fulfilled to see the item, the game currently requires you to have all requirements be fulfilled. So, in the current case players had to have the blueprint but also needed to have the Ivory Key lockbox unlocked.

We have identified the underlying cause of the issue and are working on a fix. We want to apply this to the next upcoming patch, if we can get it ready. We understand that players now have missed out on a great item, and we want to apologize for the inconvenience and frustration caused by this.

For the timer itself, we have recently talked about this in our Q/A video with Trick Dempsey, who explained the exact rotation. In short, Cassie will restock her inventory for 32 hours in which she’s not available to players. She will then return and be available for 24 hours with a fresh stock of items.

We hope this clarifies some of the confusions and questions around Cassie!

/The Division Team