So itís pretty much Farcry and itís open world survival but instead of making bases you buy pre made ones and you can purchase them with cash from certain ways
Berries and fish=Minimal Cash
Hunting 1-5 level animals cash varies on level and animal
And side missions hikers walk around but generate in certain areas and will ask for tasks such as skin from a certain animal and you earn cash that way
With this cash you purchase a base and depending on the base you can generate things to sell such as oil, gunpowder, weapons you sell these to ai traders to make more cash or upgrade your weapons this game has to be about skill so no level system the playerís combat with another player or animal will not be determined by level but equipment itself so health upgrades or damage upgrades WILL BE EXCLUDED but by trading certain items or buying armor or weapons and ammo for said weapon
AI CAMPS/OUTPOST- This is another way to make money by raiding ai camps or outposts this will automatically give you money if 100% successful and some camps will be said on the map if they generated hostages saving these hostages will be difficult since they are also vital for your base buying you will NEED to bring the hostage back to your base you purchased THIS IS IMPORTANT THE PLAYER MUST TAKE THE HOSTAGE BACK TO THE BASE THEMSELVES MAKING IT SO PLAYERS CAN HAVE A CHANCE TO TAKE THE HOSTAGE FROM YOUR VEHICLE YOU HAVE CLAIMED EXPLODING OR DESTROYING VEHICLE HOSTAGE IS IN RESULTS IN HOSTAGE DEATH this is not only saddening for you but your enemies as well because every camp will not immediately spawn hostages making other players have to wait for camps or outposts to generate them
RAIDING- This isnít ark or rust so no DINOSAUR OR TURRET BS THE AIíS THAT YOU PREVIOUSLY SAVED IS YOUR DEFENSE when saving ais they are grateful and are willing to help you with your base whether it be automatically collecting resources that you generate in your base as said previously or DEFEND your base ais are your new defense depending on the CAMP OR OUTPOST YOU RAIDED WILL DETERMINE THE LEVEL OF THE AI DEFENDING YOUR BASE for example raiding and saving a hostage from a level 1 outpost- will receive in a lower level ai for defense and for something such as a level 20 outpost will result in a higher level ai for base defense with stronger armor and weapons ADDITIONALLY Farcry raiding is about stealth at moments meaning hiding and maneuvering can be game changing so ai ACTIONS AND INTERACTIONS WILL ALSO CHANGE IN LEVEL example shows as follows
Level-1 will check hiding spot rarely and other things to come
Level-5 will check sometimes and other things to come
When raiding to engage in a raid you canít be in any side mission and the player defending better hope heís online or his ai will have to defend his base themselves

Thank you so much for reading all of this if you liked my idea let me know on Sc-Raccoonthief234 or Instagram-phatt_koon