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    i have the same problem , bought this game for some Nostalgia. Says unable To Find Supported Text Language
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    Originally Posted by Ubi-Keo Go to original post
    Hi guys,

    I have added the required language pack to your account. Can you please verify your game files and launch the game again and it should work.

    I apologise for the inconvenience caused.
    I have the same problem con you do it foe me too please?
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    Watch Dogs 1:

    To Resolve Language Issues... I do not know if this will fix it in today's day & age,
    but for me, what I have come to terms with when I played Watch Dogs 1...


    When I installed English only into Watch Dogs, I noticed that
    there was no Menu for selecting my Language in the Game,
    this Menu is suppose to be there, & without it, there are problems...

    But when I installed English along with other Languages, such
    as Spanish for instance? That Menu was indeed there, & all
    I had to do was, was to choose English from that Menu, & bam
    it now works...

    How do you get a 2nd Language into the Game? As far as I know,
    the only way to do this? Is by simply Installing the Game, so
    you sorta need to Re-Install the Game all over again, or find
    someone who has a copy of the Original Language Files would
    be the best way to go, problem is, the Language Files are massive
    in terms of Space Used, I don't see an easy way, or quick way to
    get anyone these Files without some hard core compressions used
    or problems getting in the way, like File Size exceeds the maximum
    Size for Uploading, things like this...

    Btw, because of this issue, I have gotten into Installing a lot of
    more recent Ubsioft Games through at least 2 Languages now,
    as I don't want that problem to surface again in the Future, but
    in the Past, I always just installed the more Prefered Language
    I am framilure with, & only that Language...

    Hoping this Helps other people out in the Future... If
    Installing a 2nd Language does not fix the Language, then you
    obviously need the Original Launch Language Files, which I
    had at 1 point, or have, but unable to get access to right now,
    I don't know... It does seem that after the Games Launch,
    something had gotten wrong with the Language Pack,
    after an Update, & this has carried over between every
    Update going forward, which kinda sux...

    English Audio & Text Subs do work, just without
    the Menu there to Select the Language of choice,
    you run into issues where you cannot Hear them speak,
    or you can't read Subs on screen, I forget which...
    But you need the Menu there to select the Language Choice...

    Good Luck!!
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    Ubi-Houck's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff EMEA
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    Hi everyone!

    If you still have issues, please let us know. You can also reach out to our team here.

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    Hi I have the same problem, can you please put me too that language pack to my account
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    Originally Posted by FelipeOmar96847 Go to original post
    Hi I have the same problem, can you please put me too that language pack to my account
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    Help please

    Im having trouble launching the game too because it always pops up with a notification saying "Unable to find supported text language!" and ive tried verifying the files and reinstalling it but it still doesn't work.
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    Could you give me that language pack too please?
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    Help, pls

    Hello, I also have a "unable to find supported text language" problem, who has a solution?
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    I have this problem too, could you help me?
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