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    Hello bigboisoom, welcome to the forums!

    I applied a fix within your account, so you should be able to play the game now. Can you please verify game files?
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    I have same problem here too.. Plz help asap
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    I'm getting the 'unable to find supported text language' error also.

    Could you send a fix to my account also, please?

    kind regards
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    Unable to find supported text files error!!! just downloaded the game and cannot play

    Please tell me how to fix it !! Am not happy
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    Unable to find supported text language!


    i have also the same problem and i would be glad if u could solve the issue.

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    Estou com o problema no pacote de idiomas tambem
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    error unable to find suported text language problem

    I have the same problem. can you help me with this issue
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    Sorted now!

    After contacting Ubisoft Support on Facebook and via a Support Ticket on their website, my issue is now solved.

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    I have the same error help!!!

    just "unable to find supported text language" help!!!!
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    watch dogs

    hi. I have the same problem,can you send me the fix to my account?
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