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    Space Monkey Report #6 Recap

    For those of you who were able to join us, we hope you enjoyed our Space Monkey Report #6 Livestream, brought to you by the BGE2 team and live from Ubisoft Experience Paris!

    The livestream was a chance for the team to give an update on Beyond Good and Evil 2’s creative direction and development, for the first time in front of a live audience.

    Link to full article here.

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    Thank you gor all your work, it seems you are creating a very interesting world, characters, and history. It seems you are taking as refference many cultures, religions, ethnicities and asthetics, which will make very colorful and interesting surroundings, but i would ask you to please dont forget to create new asthetics, not only merge the previously seen in our world, but to create genuine new cultures, surroundings, religions, since the time has passed, some of them must have generated. Thank you again for your work, and please dont forget the mindset you seem to have right now, take as many ideas as you can, take as much time as you need, and have a lot of fun creating this game. GL HF
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    I know I'm speaking for a lot of people in Calgary, AB, Canada when I say that the hype train for this game is only growing with each update. We can't wait to explore Hillys and System 3, and we're super excited for the new story too1

    Keep up the good work, know that it's appreciated! Time doesn't matter, just do what you need to do. We'll totally understand
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    looking good, hella good. cant wait to join
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    I need itlooks promising
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    Looks pretty good. It's really cool to see Mamago's character again!
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    Will Covid-19 affect the development of bge2, or can they work on it from home?
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    ^ Excellent question.
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    How are you?

    How are you all? Are all the dev team safe? I think I speak on behalf of all the fans when I say we're thinking of you and hope you're all safe and well. Staff come first. Game comes second.

    All our support, all the best!
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