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    RedLynx, unban AurisTFG!

    Auris uploaded Closed Beta versions of in-game tracks, and got banned for it without being given a warning! The leaderboards are plagued with hackers, and the game lags very frequently on console, but banning a valuable member of the Trials community is apparently higher on the list of priorities. This was completely unwarranted and he deserves to be unbanned immediately.
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    I think this was settled a while ago, and he was allowed back on. I could be mistaken, but hes posted times since, been active on Discord, and more since this went down.
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    I've been unbanned a while ago
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    Hey there SenltonGomes,

    Seeing as how AurisTFG has posted in here therefore answering your question, I am going to go ahead and close this thread.

    Thank you for reaching out!
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