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    Awesome but concerned

    Hey all loving EVERYTHING about this game that I'm seeing. I never played the original but this looks AMAZING. I'm loving the space exploration, city exploration and being able to GTA any vehicle and all things related. I LOVE the scale of what we have seen when the player goes to space and looks back at the planet and can see the huge statue that is now tiny.

    My biggest worry is that upon release this will all change and be smaller in scale and things will be cut. I'm hoping that everything we've seen will be there still. What do you all think? Am I alone in this or are others out there the same?

    Keep up the great work Ancel and the rest!
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    i think the same, its a very ambitious project, and a reduction of scale has been on my mind also, because looks like nothing i ever see regarding gaming at least at this scale that they are showing. another thing is the optimization and server connectivity, will the servers run smoothly or not?!
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    Yeah exactly. The size of the planet's look amazing but im still sceptical. Everything they are saying and showing sounds like a dream game to me. I just hope they dont chop parts out or shrink it. If they can keep it the way it is so far, it'll be one of the best games ever
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    ubisoft could do that 100% offline the greed is bigger ........... i still believe it will be a good game i look forward since 2010 i know it was announced in 2008 with another project and i thought it had been canceled, but it's been a long time being created anyway.

    To tell the truth I suspect this game will not come out for this generation of consoles, really this game is more "stranger" in marketing than Death Stranding, these lives are boring and not translated into more languages, actually show a lot, but it seems seller from polishop
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    Yeah they have always been greedy but I'm ok with the online thing, cause playing this co-OP would be awesome. I think this will be out on ps5 and that's fine because the game will probably melt my ps4
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