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    Elite Training

    The elite training should start at 20 or 25k and scale up from there. It gets way too expensive too fast, especially considering T5 gear provides most stats we need (except the legendary ones you have to beat current content to even use! Duh).
    It's not unreasonable since there are so many slots available to upgrade...
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    As far as making heroes capable of running GM events, I find the elite training to only be useful for Rare heroes. Unnecessary for Legendary and Elite as they can easily reach 2200 power without it. Can't even calculate how much coin would be spent to make a Common hero usable in M or GM events.

    Even for the Rare heroes it's only necessary for the ones that don't have both 5* weapons and armor available.

    Having said that it might be something for propping up heroes for use in story mission 28. Aside from that I find the elite training room to be a complete waste of coin that could be much better spent leveling, promoting, and crafting the exorbitantly over priced 5* gear. I've spent over 500K coin both of the previous 2 Thursdays during the crafting event and selecting the best combination of crafters for each item. That typically runs me almost completely out of coin for anything else. Luckily... With the limited amount of 5* gear available I might be able to get back to leveling heroes again after next Thursday.

    I might use it If the elite training was responsibly priced for the minimal power score increase and negligible stat increases it gives.

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    Exactly, same here. I upped Luisa's attack and crit (she's my face tanker lol.) And Maria's lethality. I would MUCH rather spend that coin on other priorities. Even at level 50, the enemies are level 65-70.