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    This is a disgrace to our rebel queen!

    Have you guys noticed that ingame Kyra (left) and Discovery tour Kyra (right) have different complexions maps?

    DC Kyra has brighter hair, no eyeliner, thinner lashes and a stronger lipstick.

    This makes me crazy (┛◉Д◉)┛ 彡┻━┻

    And I still get the blonde and grey haired Kyra bug sometimes but I usually fixes when you get out of DT, switch into the game and then get back into DT.

    And on a sidenote since the DT started there are new faces among the NPC's. Some are really pretty

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    Hi fishbone76,

    Thanks for reporting that to us, I can certainly understand how that could be confusing.

    We are aware of the bug with the blonde hair, and it's been passed on to the team.

    I'll pass this on to the team to ensure they are aware of that occurring.
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